Kidpreneurs Wins Gold

Serial entrepreneurs and constant advocates for the fostering of intelligent young minds, the Toren brothers have done something unique with "Kidpreneurs," by outlining the basic tools and strategies adults use to groom their businesses in a simple, straightforward manner that will allow any child to easily understand.

Kidpreneurs Wins Gold
Phoenix, AZ, April 21, 2010 --( Throughout the many years that Matthew Toren and his brother Adam Toren have been entrepreneurs, it has been their long standing mission to take their own “tool kit for tomorrow” and pass it forward to as many children as they can. "We are humbled and honored that our book, Kidpreneurs was recently announced as the winner of the NAPPA Gold Award (National Association of Parenting Publications)" says Matthew.

By articulating the basic principles and creative approaches that make a modern business successful, the Torens have effectively outlined the key techniques necessary to provide a positive and powerful impact on a child's ability to grasp the concepts of entrepreneurship. By using friendly design and colorful illustrations, the brothers have broken down complex concepts into friendly bites that the eager and curious child between the ages of 6 - 13 can easily chew.

It has never been more important for the future leaders of tomorrow to take their skills beyond the classroom.

But what is the best means for providing a child with the essential skills necessary to help them find their best future? By teaching today’s youth what it means to be an entrepreneur, we will be encouraging them to be independent thinkers who are willing to work hard to achieve the best in life.

The Torens are eager to carry their tremendous entrepreneurial spirit forward and have spent many years dedicated to researching the best practices in modern business and then passing the techniques to others while they maintain their own steady stream of successful businesses.

"You've heard the saying It's never too late, well we say, It's never too early! Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship. Our goal with Kidpreneurs is to outline the basic tools and strategies kids can use to gain some valuable experience," says Adam. Matthew adds, "All children share the inalienable right to become financially independent, whether rich or poor, city or suburb. Sharpening a child's entrepreneurial skills will equip them with the skills necessary to tackle a limitless future."

The Torens set out to author their own book to teach children the same principles they had been teaching adults for years. And so "Kidpreneurs" was born - a book that fuels a child's desire to get involved in business early by stoking curiosity in simple, engaging, creative, and safe ways.

The Torens have set up a foundation that for every copy of Kidpreneurs sold, they will provide a companion copy to a child in need.

Simply put, Kidpreneurs puts the power in the hands of the future. The power to order Kidpreneurs is in yours.

About Matthew Toren and Adam Toren: One of the Toren's primary passions has been to assist ailing businesses by passing along all they know. This entrepreneurial instinct, blended with an altruistic nature led the Torens to found, the largest and fastest growing social networking forum for young entrepreneurs in the world.

Tomorrow's future starts today. The Torens are helping to make it better.

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Kidpreneurs Back Cover

Kidpreneurs Back Cover

Award Winning book: Kidpreneurs Back cover!

Kidpreneurs Cover

Kidpreneurs Cover

Award Winning Book: Kidpreneurs! Young Entrepreneurs with BIG ideas!