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Building Envelope Science Institute Holds Its Next Training Seminar for Defective Drywall in New Orleans, Louisiana

The recent CPSC/HUD publication of remediation guidelines and the findings of fact & conclusions of law filed by Judge Fallon are no cause for change to the remediation protocol endorsed by the Building Envelope Institute since October 2009.

Building Envelope Science Institute Holds Its Next Training Seminar for Defective Drywall in New Orleans, Louisiana
Gainesville, FL, June 11, 2010 --( The Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) will host its fifth certification seminar for Defective Drywall Inspection and Remediation; the certification class will be held on July 19-20, 2010 at the Astor Crowne Plaza located at 739 Canal Street @ Bourbon in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The protocol offered through BESI provides (to-date) the most comprehensive remediation process that was developed based on proven science; and nicknamed the “BESI System” due to the institute’s endorsement. The protocol for remediation of defective drywall being offered through BESI considers the following major factors: corrosion, cross-contamination of other building materials, personal belongings, IAQ monitoring program, a proposed national warranty (not an insurance policy), and removal of the stigma from having defective drywall.

It’s good to know that if your home was remediated under this protocol that it would not require additional work in order to meet the CPSC/HUD interim guidance or to be aligned with the court’s ruling. The Institute has a document that helps explain the protocol called, “The BESI System: Understanding the Protocols for Defective Drywall” which is posted on their website.

The Building Envelope Science Institute, the Defective Drywall In America workgroup and active members of the institute have diligently been working with the inspection and remediation protocols since there completion in October 2009 to develop the most cost effective protocols with the highest standard of quality and effectiveness. The institute recognizes the importance of providing proper training and education for those performing inspections and remediation on structures with defective drywall; therefore, BESI has decided to take the popular defective drywall training seminar to New Orleans.

The certification program offered through the Institute (BESI) instructs and trains licensed and approved state contractors in the remediation of defective or corrosive drywall. The institute will provide information on other available remediation methods during its training seminar; however, BESI certification is only being offered on the endorsed protocol since the other remediation methods do not require a high standard of training nor do they offer third-party quality control.

About BESI: The mission of Building Envelope Science Institute, Inc. (BESI) is to provide the highest quality of training, certification programs; resources as well as over all knowledge in successfully constructing, maintaining, and restoring building envelope construction; investigation and analysis of all new products and materials which will further develop and enhance the building envelope construction; and continuing the development and formal accreditation/certification for construction industry practitioners. The Building Envelope Science Institute has a “Nationwide Directory of Members”.

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