Portable Secure Container for Your Application Data (Now Mobile Too)

Solid File System Version 4.5 Lets Developers Securely Store and Manage Application Data on iPhone and Android Modern Mobile Devices

London, United Kingdom, July 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- EldoS Corporation announces today the release of new enhanced version of Solid File System software component. Version 4.5 brings the virtual file system component that provides secure container for complex application data, to modern mobile devices powered by iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Solid File System (SolFS) allows software developers to store various information, both structured and unstructured, in a virtual file system, which keeps the data in one file on the disk or in device memory, or even on remote system. Stored information can be tagged and searched by tag, as well as accessed via file system-like API interface.

Mobile platforms offer only limited file storage and management capabilities to developers. This makes adaptation of common file-based data manipulation concepts to mobile devices a challenging task. With Solid File System the developer gets the full-featured file system on the mobile device. And what is more important, the data of the file system can be actually stored on remote cloud services as well as on local device (with possibility for data mirroring).

"With Solid File System application developers can not only store and use data in SolFS storage on mobile device, but also easily move and synchronize this storage with desktop systems," says Eugene Mayevski, CTO of EldoS Corporation. "As modern mobile platforms are web-centric, they miss classic desktop synchronization. SolFS helps developers to implement such synchronization capabilities in their applications."

On desktop and server platforms (Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X) SolFS storage can be exposed not only to the application itself, but also to other applications running on the system (subject to access control rules), which further enhances possibilities for manipulating the data, contained in SolFS storage.

Additional information and free trial download can be found on Solid File System homepage.

About EldoS Corporation
EldoS Corporation focuses on developing security, communication and driver-based software solutions. The software offered by EldoS Corporation is used in over 70 countries on 5 continents by a number of small to large-scale companies and organizations, including financial institutes and military.

Key product families include:

BizCrypto - set of data transfer and security adapters for business integration platforms
SecureBlackbox – software component suite for data security and encryption
Callback File System – software component for representing remote data as local files and folders
Solid File System – advanced file system for secure documents and files storage development


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