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Revive Energy Mints Franchise - Revive Franchising, LLC

The New Revive Energy Mint Scam Blog from Revive Franchising - Sito Marketing LLC

Thinking about buying a business opportunity or franchise? Check out Sito Marketing, LLC and Revive Franchising Scam tip blog before

Denver, CO, July 13, 2010 --( Revive Energy Mints announces its new Scam Tip Blog.

The Revive Energy Mint Scam Tip Blog was created to help educate online consumers about the many scams and rip offs going on in the Internet today. Revive Mints set up this blog as an Internet watch dog to help give consumers critical information about making online investments, especially in Franchises and Business Opportunities.

Unfortunately, over the years many con artists and criminals have used the Internet to scam people of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Revive Energy Mint Scam Tip Blog was created by Sito Marketing and then transferred to Revive Franchising, LLC. This blog will provide users with tips on what to look for before buying a business opportunity or franchise. Common mistakes made by people investing in businesses or franchises. What a franchise disclosure is and what should be included is one among many other things.

Today more than ever, scammers are using the Internet to prey on individuals looking to invest their money. These scammers have come up with complex methods of conning people and should be avoided at all costs.

Some things to make sure off before investing in any opportunity:

1) Did they provide you with a disclosure document?
2) How long has the company been in business?
3) Talk with some current distributors or franchisees. Even visit them if possible.
4) Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the company.

Revive Energy Mints is offering a legitimate opportunity for individuals to start a franchise and become their own boss. Others have and will try and copy the Revive business model, but ultimately if they are not an ethical company they will fail and you could lose your hard earned money. Before investing in any opportunity check out the Revive Energy Mint Scam Tip Blog and make sure you are getting the proper disclosures and information.

Revive Mints has been selling distributorships and franchises since August of 2008. They have over 250 distributors across the United States and Canada and have just recently expanded into the United Kingdom.

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