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Titan Tax Relief

Titan Tax Relief Helps Tax Payers with Their Unfiled Tax Returns or Back Taxes

Tax debt and tax problems solutions provided by Titan Tax Relief located in San Diego, California. One of the nation's tax relief services provides help to all tax payers, to get rid of their tax problems and get tax help.

Carlsbad, CA, July 19, 2010 --(PR.com)-- When people don’t pay their taxes regularly it means they are delinquent in their tax returns and they must be receiving calls and correspondence from the IRS. The issue of back taxes can get on your nerves and will hinder your business or job. While many have heard about the collection tactics of the IRS, if you could not pay your taxes in time and have a genuine reason for it; you don’t need to face the attitude of IRS agents. If you are going through a divorce, experienced a job loss or death in family, the IRS will consider these genuine reasons for not paying taxes in time and you might get some extension to pay off your taxes.

If you are facing the issue of back taxes or unfilled taxes, you should look out for best available tax relief options so that the amount of penalties and interest can be reduced. Even if you are late in filing taxes, you should still file them. It’s better to file them a year late than not filing them at all. Late charges and fees might apply however; penalties and interest would not accumulate any further. If you fail to file taxes then aggressive tax collection will come your way and the tax collection agency is authorized to garnish your wages and put lien on your property, car and bank accounts.

In case you have not paid taxes from last three years, it’s advisable that you should hire a certified tax resolution specialist or an expert tax attorney as they are the only people who can help you in tackling the legal questions of IRS attorneys. Moreover, you will save time, money and panic condition by knowing the work ethics of the IRS and ways to resolve the back taxes issues.

Always try to settle your taxes using “Offer in Compromise” or OIC. If you get qualified for an OIC settlement, you are more likely to save thousands of dollars that you would need to pay in back taxes. This is the time when you need an expert tax attorney to negotiate with the IRS to reduce the back taxes amount by winning the settlements. In case, you don’t qualify for OIC, you can try for other tax relief options. Titan Tax Relief will help you put an end to your tax problems.

Titan Tax Relief also offers Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment services. For Bank Levy visit http://www.banklevy.org and for Wage Garnishment visit http://www.fixwagegarnishment.com.

For further information about Titan Tax Relief visit http://www.titantaxrelief.com, or call them toll-free 1-800-214-2100.

Titan Tax Relief
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