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Titan Tax Relief Reveals the Benefits and Myths of Tax Extension

Carlsbad, CA, July 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Titan Tax Relief is one of the nation’s top tax relief services that focus on helping taxpayers save thousands by negotiating with the IRS. The following information is provided by Titan Tax Relief and it reveals the benefits and myths of tax extensions.

Almost everyone is lethargic in preparing taxes and filing their tax return. Therefore, most of the taxpayers commit errors in filing their taxes. But if you are not ready with your taxes to file the return, it’s not a good idea to file returns with full of errors rather than trying for tax extension. There are several reasons why it’s a better idea to file for a tax extension. There are several myths about tax extensions that the tax payer is not aware of. If you get tax extension, you get ample time to prepare and arrange all of your documents and paperwork. In order to file taxes in time you would need to rush from one office to another to get the forms and you’ll need to collect all the missing slips and invoices. But with the tax extension, you can take your time and get all the documents necessary and ensure that filing is accurate and no paper work has been left out. Most of us hire tax accountants and tax attorneys to make our life easy; however, even accountants and tax lawyers need help from your side. If you cannot provide them the required papers they won’t be able to prepare an accurate tax return. But if you have a tax extension, it will give plenty of time to your tax accountant to concentrate on your tax preparation.

The most important thing that makes tax extension the better choice than filing the tax returns in the last minute is that you don’t need to face the chaos of tax season. No need to stand in lines to get answers for your simple questions. You can take your time and give time to your tax accountant to prepare all of your taxes. The best feature of getting a tax extension is that you might benefit from the new tax laws as tax laws keep on changing. Sometimes when you get a tax extension and a new deduction or tax relief is available, you would be able to use it and save money. Moreover, every year IRS agents need to complete certain amount of audits and they complete their task of picking the taxpayers by April. So, this makes your chances of getting caught by IRS agents for the audit less likely.

Although there are several benefits of tax extensions, taxpayers who could not use the tax extension in the best manner have created several myths about it. The first myth is that getting tax extension is very tough and a good reason is necessary to get a tax extension. This is not true as putting your taxes together can be a very difficult tax and for certain businesses it requires a lot of time. In reality the IRS will automatically grant you a six month extension, if you have filled out the form correctly. Some people think that they need to wait until October to file taxes even if they are ready to file them in July or August. However, October is just a deadline and you can file your taxes before the extended due date as well as whenever it’s prepared.

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