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TransGuardian Pays $18,000 Claim and Averts $82,000 Loss for Premier Precious Metals Broker

TransGuardian Pays $18,000 Claim and Averts $82,000 Loss for Premier Precious Metals Broker
Los Angeles, CA, August 06, 2010 --( Earlier this year, Miles Franklin experienced the loss of two precious metals shipments sent under’s Declared Value Coverage. In May 2010, Wells Fargo Insurance Services delivered a check for $18,000 which presented to Miles Franklin for full coverage of the claim.

In July 2010, Miles Franklin sent an $82,000 package via one of the two major small parcel carriers. TransGuardian’s pro-active tracking made an early detection of a break in the online scanning record. TransGuardian’s team contacted the carrier’s internal security department, who began a search in their system. TransGuardian’s special sealed security packaging, used invisibly on the interior of the Express Box, made the search among millions of parcels feasible and positive identification possible.

After several days of working literally round the clock with the carrier’s security personnel, the parcel was found. Photos of the seal number and security packaging confirmed ownership. TransGuardian’s NY representative, Paul Freedman, traveled to the carrier’s hub and verified the inventory before re-labeling the packaging and forwarding it to the ultimate consignee under TransGuardian’s Declared Value Coverage. TransGuardian kept in constant contact with the shipper, carrier, and recipient all the way through the crisis until obtaining a successful proof of delivery.

Jackie Dahl of Miles Franklin wrote:

“It is with pleasure to write a reference for Transguardian. In the enormous world shipping and delivery companies, and the vast operations that are necessary for those companies, it has been very comforting and uncomplicated to have Transguardian there to assist in getting things done.

“First, buying Transguardian services online for an individual shipment has been very user friendly. In the event there is a question, TransGuardian’s customer service has been superb. Further, the necessary tracking reports for shipping are automatic, without needing to sign onto a web site.

“Next, the service TransGuardian has provided for any issue or concern has been beyond superior. The personalized handling and follow-through cannot be found anywhere else. TransGuardian’s personnel have been immediately reachable, and the consequent communication instantaneous. Individualized solutions have always been presented, with minimal action required on my part for resolution.

“Needless to say, I can only provide positive feedback regarding my interaction with Transguardian. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if I can provide further information.

Jackie Dahl”

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