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Things Are 'Shakin' Up at Martini in the Morning on Friday

The Bartender’s from Daddy-O’s Martini’s are joining Brad ‘Martini’ Chambers in the Martini In The Morning studio on Friday Morning. John Apodaca will introduce his latest vintage cocktail discoveries and new creations live on the air.

North Hollywood, CA, August 13, 2010 --( A new monthly feature on Martini In the Morning is having the bartenders from Daddy-o’s Martini in to the studio on a Friday of each month to introduce their latest vintage cocktail discoveries and new creations live on the air. They are creating cocktails the way they were intended to be made from vintage cocktail recipes. They are sharing the recipes for classic cocktails, punches, juleps, sours, and smashes with the Martini In the Morning audience.

The show will be live at 9:00am PST on August 13 with John Apodaca in studio demonstrating his vintage cocktail and displaying why he has a reputation for caring about bartending as a craft or an art. “That's why I started Daddy-O's martinis and I have no regrets because I care what I create for clients and friends alike and want to use fresh fruits, herbs, top shelf spirits and proper balance and flavors rather than high fructose syrups and cheap liquor,” per John. The internet radio station will also be broadcasting in Martinivision where you can both watch and listen to the informative show with John providing both some history of the cocktail and recipes for cocktails.

“Daddy-O’s Martini is a perfect complement for Martini in The Morning,” said Brad “Martini” Chambers, Chief Creative Officer of the Standard Media Group. “More and more consumers are using music, radio in particular, as their Mood Button.” “It’s a lifestyle thing,” says Chambers, at the North Hollywood, CA based company that produces the internet radio station "As Frank Sinatra belted out 'I did it my way', so too have the Baby Boomers. Now in their 40's and 50's, this generation still wants it their way- whether it involves the vacations they take, the clothes they wear, or the music, of course. We have graduated from rock concerts on the green to an intimate jazz show with seats near the stage. The martini glass has replaced the beer bottle. We can still knock ‘em back, but with a martini glass, of course. We are playing the perfect soundtrack to lounge around with friends or get your martini cocktail party started.”

Whether you like it shaken or stirred, on the rocks or straight up, find a friend, sit down, have a drink and listen to some great music at Doesn't have to be a martini, doesn't even have to have alcohol. Just tune in and lounge, to

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