Koydol Receives Distinguished CBE Certification Award

Koydol Receives Distinguished CBE Certification Award
Washington, DC, October 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Koydol, Inc. has met the specific qualifications to receive the highest level of business award of Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) by the Washington, DC City Government. This approval was announced on September 16, 2011. Certification must be renewed every two years in order to keep the status current.

The CBE award, created in 2005, is given by the District of Columbia Government to recognize those business enterprises that have complied with all provisions of the law as it pertains to their trade; have shown themselves to be financially responsible with no record of fraud or deceit; and have acted in a business manner that is without gross negligence, incompetence or misconduct in the practice of their profession. Businesses bearing the CBE certification receive preferred procurement and contracting opportunities from the DC Government.

For example, DC legislation mandates that prior to the awarding of any city contract, certain criteria must be met. All contracts now state that the contractor-awardee can only subcontract with those businesses that have CBE certification. By doing so, the CBE award is also meant to identify and support those businesses that meet high quality standards and contribute to job creation and to the Washington, DC city tax base in general, which in turn results in a much stronger economy.

“We are delighted that Koydol has been recognized for its commitment to excellence with the CBE award,” said Amadou Agne, President and CEO, of Koydol, Inc. “The CBE designation means that anyone who partners with us is able to go after contracts that they were unqualified for previously.”

“We look forward to the opportunities that the CBE represents for our company. We further hope that our eclectic collection of flooring and wall finishes will be used in future facility contracts and new building designs that the DC government is requesting bids for,” said Agne.

Additional information can be obtained about the company at their website at koydol.com, or by telephone at (202) 449-9525.


Koydol, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of flooring and wall finishes. They provide unique and competitively-priced options to the commercial market. Their wide range of offerings include stone; tile; specialty flooring (bamboo, cork, laminate); wood flooring; resilient flooring; and carpet.
Koydol, Inc.
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