Pure One™ Sponsors Halal Omega-3 Campaign

Pure One™ Sponsors Halal Omega-3 Campaign
Chapel Hill, NC, July 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Source-Omega announced today it has teamed up with online Halal consumer organization Behalal.org. As sponsor of the behalal.org good health mission, Pure One™ omega-3 microalgae oil will be featured on the organization’s website.

Source-Omega has developed a broad pan-cultural campaign, including Halal and Kosher, to attract new customers with omega-3 health needs through disclosure of Pure One™ omega-3 quality and compliance statements.

The Halal campaign further highlights Pure One’s value added qualifications and appeal to many cultures. Pure One™ functions as a suitable substitute for fish oils. Pure One™ is algae oil, a source of fish omega-3s in the food chain. The algae-based capsule completes the omega-3 offering, which contains no animal products.

“My scientific understanding is that Halal is a term generally inferring supreme care in process, sourcing, quality control and ethics,” said Scott Doughman, Ph.D., CEO of Source-Omega. “Pure One™ algae oil omega-3s are prequalified for Halal certification to private labels and for serving the omega-3 fatty acid needs of all populations around the world,” Doughman added.

“The guideline for Halal consumption is to essentially consume good food and drink, which are positive for physical and mental health, for maintaining purity and well-being,” said Ruksana Shain, founder of behalal.org. “Food for good health is not a new concept, but one that has been handed down since the beginning of our faith,” she added.

Pure One™ Halal compliance is applied to the algae source of the food and the entire preparation process. No alcohol is used throughout the process, giving another advantage to Pure One™ over some fish oil based products, which often contain omega-3 fats bonded to ethanol.

However, Pure One™ has remained untouched by ethanol processing and seawater pollution, also fluently crossing over cultural boundaries, noted Dr. Doughman. The company expects full Halal certification will be available soon.

About behalal.org: Behalal is an international online-based non-profit, non-political consumer organization focusing on all things Halal that are consumed (e.g. food, drink, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and cosmetics), also looking at the diet and its impact on health. The organization’s charge is to provide clear information to educate and protect the consumer.

About Source-Omega, LLC: The privately held company is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, near the Research Triangle Park. It was founded in 2007 and specializes in the international marketplace for manufacturing, branding, private labeling and globalization of algae oil nutritional products under the name and formula Pure One™, the Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3™ for their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™, for clinics offering triglyceride lowering plasma lipids management programs, brain health, and for pregnancy, nursing and family care.

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