Statement from Alaina Giordano Regarding Latest Developments in Custody Case

Alaina Giordano, the Durham mom fighting both Stage 4 breast cancer and to maintain custody of her two children, comments on the latest developments in her case.

Durham, NC, August 13, 2011 --( The following is the statement of Alaina Giordano regarding the denial of the North Carolina Supreme Court to issue a stay in a custody order involving her children. The original order currently is awaiting appeal.

“We have learned that the North Carolina Supreme Court has denied my motion for a stay -- this means that now, my children will be moving to Chicago to start the school year with their father. As I write today, I deal with the difficult recognition that my children will have to live 800 miles away from me, until my appeal can be heard. In the wake of this legal decision, my children and I now must grieve the pending loss of each other.

“I am receiving world-class care for my cancer here in Durham, with an amazing team of doctors at Duke. They, I believe, give me the best chance to fight my disease and to give me the quality of life I will need so I may commute to visit my kids. And, make no mistake, I will travel to Chicago to see my kids on a regular basis. They will benefit from the love and support of their mom -- not just across the miles.

“Most importantly, they will know that I will continue to crusade for a successful appeal in my case, to keep alive the prospect that they may be allowed to return home, to Durham. Additionally, I hope to work hard to get laws changed, here in North Carolina and nationwide, to eliminate medical bias as a deciding factor in custody cases. My crusade begins today, and I hope my supporters who have numbered in the hundreds of thousands will now use their fervent energy to lobby for laws to be changed in their states as well.

“To my supporters, I must say that you have been, after my children, the brightest spot for me in an otherwise dark period in my life. This case has made my cancer battle that much more difficult, but I have awakened to get my treatments -- and to face each day -- because I love my children and want to give them everything they need. Thank you to those who have helped me draw strength from your encouraging words, and may we all be blessed with better days.”

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