Raw Talent Guitar Lessons for Beginners Software to Profile Customers with Verified Testimonials from ProvenCredible.com

Raw Talent Guitar to feature reviews and testimonials from actual users in their eNewsletters and plans to profile students at RawTalentGuitar.com.

Raw Talent Guitar Lessons for Beginners Software to Profile Customers with Verified Testimonials from ProvenCredible.com
Boca Raton, FL, September 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Raw Talent, Inc. is pleased to announce their retainer of ProvenCredible.com to provide the public with accurate reviews and testimonials verified by a third party.

Raw Talent plans to feature profiles of Raw Talent Guitar students, and their improvements, on RawTalentGuitar.com, the Raw Thoughts Blog and via their weekly eNewsletters.

Raw Talent Guitar is a revolutionary guitar learning software that features lessons for beginners, digital amp and effects, professional guitar playing tips and famous guitar songs ranging from easy to hard.

Currently, all verified reviews for Raw Talent Guitar are accessible to the public on the Raw Talent Guitar page on ProvenCredible's Web site at: http://www.provencredible.com/raw-talent-guitar-3439/.

"The move to showcase third party verified testimonials on ProvenCredible.com will increase search results on the first page of Google for students searching for guitar education product reviews," said Marc Quadagno, Director of Media Relations.

Honest third party testimonials provide vital information to anyone searching for guitar learning software to help them decide that Raw Talent Guitar is the best product for anyone to learn to play guitar.

"By profiling actual users on our Web site, customers who are thinking of purchasing Raw Talent Guitar can base their decisions on other users' positive results, right at the point of purchase, at RawTalentGuitar.com," said Quadagno.

Raw Talent Guitar is currently available online at RawTalentGuitar.com and Amazon.com, as well as other smaller online retailers, and the product will be in stores by the 2011 holiday season.

Current testimonials rave about the added value of Raw Talent Guitar and their support team, and reviews average around 4.5 out of 5 stars.

All reviews and testimonials will be verified by third party ProvenCredible.com, and some examples of actual testimonial statements are:

"The customer support for (Raw Talent Guitar) is phenomenal; you couldn't get better service unless they actually moved into your house!" -Rod

"I originally bought (Raw Talent Guitar) for my step-son but I find myself using it more... I will be ordering another one for the house." -Erick

"Lessons are great. (I) love the dude that gives the lessons. Interactive exams after each lesson help you practice and get better. I love practicing now." - Dan

"With Raw Talent Guitar, I practice until my fingers hurt." -Gregory


About Raw Talent Guitar

Raw Talent Guitar was founded in October 2008 by brothers Scott and Shaun Fisher after they realized limitations in learning to play an instrument with video instruction alone, which lack instant feedback or evaluations from an instructor. Many involved with the project are musicians by trade, and many professional musicians and guitar instructors were consulted to make Raw Talent Guitar as accurate as possible. The company mission is to be the worldwide leader in providing the most fun and accurate at-home training and evaluation tools for self-taught musicians and artists for use with their personal computers.
Raw Talent, Inc.
Marc Quadagno
Raw Talent Guitar Screen Shot

Raw Talent Guitar Screen Shot

Instructor Padraig O'Kane has a masters degree in guitar and has taught as a professor at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music and Miami International University.

Raw Talent Guitar in action

Raw Talent Guitar in action

Photo of Raw Talent Guitar in use, with a guitar plugged into the computer with the software on the screen.

Raw Talent Guitar Box

Raw Talent Guitar Box

Image of the Raw Talent Guitar Box in High Definition