TransGuardian, Inc.
TransGuardian, Inc.

TransGuardian Covers Duties, Taxes, and Shipping on Insured Shipments

Los Angeles, CA, November 01, 2011 --( TransGuardian, Inc. (, an online shipping service, provides worldwide discounted parcel insurance arranged by Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

TransGuardian shippers may declare a value that includes the sales price of their merchandise and the sum of duties, taxes and insured shipping. TransGuardian also assists US shippers in computing the landed price of goods to destinations worldwide.

With the dollar low compared to foreign currency, US merchandise is more appealing than ever to overseas buyers. This is especially true for high-value luxury items, like gems, jewelry, watches, and electronics. All these items are increasingly available through online retail websites, where foreign buyers can find them easily.

But duties and taxes in foreign countries are often as high or higher than the original value of the goods. While the net purchase price may still be advantageous to the overseas consumer, if the parcel is lost or damaged in transit while in the destination country, the risk to the shipper is equal to the sales price of the goods plus the sum of foreign duties and taxes.

“If a shipper has a claim that arises while a parcel is en route within a foreign country, and if the shipper has declared the invoice value plus the value of duties, taxes and shipping, our policy covers the total sum,” said Jim Moseley, TransGuardian’s President. “It’s just another example of our mission – to provide maximum savings through maximum choice.”

TransGuardian is saving shippers between 31% to 90% on insured parcels worldwide.

TransGuardian, Inc.
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