The ACC RV Warranty Group to Provide "RV Tire Warranty Coverage" at No Extra Charge to Its RV Warranty Consumers as of 11/23/2011

The ACC RV Warranty Group, an industry-leading RV warranty and RV service plan company, has announced an agreement today to provide "RV Tire Warranty Coverage" to all new ACC RV warranty consumers at No Extra Charge as of 11/23/11.

Indianapolis, IN, November 17, 2011 --( The ACC RV Warranty Group,, will provide 24/7 live dispatching of tire repair and service providers to the customers location in the case of an RV tire failure. Repairs will be on a sign-and-go basis with no out-of pocket for the consumer.

The ACC RV Tire warranty program is unique in today’s marketplace due to the fact that it is included at no extra charge for all ACC RV Warranty consumers who purchase after 11/23/2011 with no additional fees.

The ACC RV Tire program provides for locating both the service provider and a replacement tire for the RV. The ACC tire service pays for the service call, mileage, travel time and labor for the tire replacement. If the tire failure was the result of road hazard damage, the program also pays for the cost of the tire. In the case of blowouts not due to a road hazard, the program will still cover all of the labor and fees, and the customer will only pay for the tire itself.

Key benefits of the program include 24-hour service dispatch throughout the US and Canada along with an extensive tire availability database.

“ACC now has the best consumer-oriented RV tire warranty program we have seen,” said Steve Burgess of ACC. “It offers an extremely easy to use telephone or online claims process with immediate payments to the service providers.” In addition, the ACC program will also cover the RV'ers tow vehicle and trailer tire failures.

According to Burgess, "The combination of ACC's extensive RV Warranty coverage for older coaches along with unlimited towing and now tire coverage at no charge to the consumer positions ACC as a clear leader in the motorhome extended service arena." "By improving internal efficiencies, ACC has been able to increase the value of its offerings to consumers without a price increase in nearly three years. We are very proud of that."

According to the RVIA, more than 1.5 million RV’s have been shipped to dealers during the past 5 years. With the current economy, more and more consumers are putting off trading for a new unit and are now out of factory warranty coverage and also experiencing higher than normal tire failure rates due to the increase in age and miles.

“An rv extended warranty ensures years of trouble-free ownership without the fear of unexpected repair costs,” said Louis Pagliarini, vice president of sales for GE Money. “Consumers who maintain warranty coverage are proven to enjoy a better ownership experience.”

About ACC

The ACC Warranty Group offers innovative and value-added RV Extended Service Plans, OEM RV Warranty Programs, reinsurance, consulting and associated services that give our clients a competitive advantage. We then back them up with a level of service that is unsurpassed in our industry with our access to multiple wholesale, specialty and surplus markets.

Cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing strategies, superior service and training support our business. We train our staff and design our systems around this philosophy and choose carriers that share the same commitment to the market and the industry as a whole.

This commitment to service and industry knowledge combined with our commitment to quality, sets us apart from the competition. We value the opportunity to assist you as there are many choices when it comes to extended warranty programs. You are important to us and your needs come first with us. We can offer custom warranty solutions to match your specific business plans or individual product needs.

We offer a full range of warranty and service program consulting services including: Online Training, Warranty Analytics Software, Vehicles Service Contract Programs and Warranty Programs, Compliance Training, GAP, and Private Label Producer Owned Reinsurance Programs.

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