Three Arrow Publishing Launches “Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding… Right?” by Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI

Catherine Doughty’s book is a witty and informative guide that takes the reader through the maze of treatment options – a "must read" for anyone dealing with breast cancer!

Three Arrow Publishing Launches “Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding… Right?” by Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI
Bellaire, TX, March 07, 2012 --( Catherine Doughty is a breast cancer survivor. Writing from personal experience, Cathy’s humor, spirit and story will touch, entertain and educate all readers.

Cathy’s witty and informative book, “Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding… Right? Living Life Through The Prism of Uncertainty and Having A Good Time”, is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has had experience with breast cancer or has had a loved one who is going through a similar experience. Cathy’s book reveals the secret to successful treatment and recovery, using a proven methodology.

She had to navigate the medical maze quickly and effectively in order to make the right decisions while eliminating as much variation as possible. Her book chronicles her journey and shows her indomitable spirit as she overcomes one hurdle after another. She uses her medical knowledge to inform and offer choices, including decision criteria matrices, forms and discussion documents, while describing her own battle with the disease with a wicked and unbound sense of humor.

“The book is designed to assist any patient or family member during a breast cancer diagnosis utilizing a Lean Six Sigma process known as DMAIC to secure a world-class medical team and to facilitate a treatment plan while achieving the outcome and cosmesis (the surgical correction of a disfigurement) desired,” says Cathy.

Cathy prides herself on offering viable solutions to patients facing a life-changing illness. She holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics, and is a trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Not only does she offer suggestions for treatment, she also offers the hope of achieving survival with a “rocking hot” body, rightfully determining that, while survival is key, every woman wants, ideally, to remain attractive to the opposite sex with two healthy breasts. The importance of both looking and feeling sexy can be easily overlooked in the panicked rush to treat the disease.

Breast Cancer! You’re Kidding… right? Living Life Through The Prism Of Uncertainty and Having A Good Time! is available at for $17.95 with a Kindle edition at only $8.99.

About the Author - Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI:

Catherine Doughty is the author of "Breast Cancer! You're kidding... right?" and is also an adjunct associate professor at three universities. She holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics which she earned at the University of Texas. Her career as a Director for the Department for Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging is enhanced by the fact that she is a trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. To learn more about her and her insightful book, visit

In order to contact the author directly to schedule an interview or meet the physician who have endorsed this book, please feel free to contact her at 832-545-6239.

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