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SEO Agency Micrositez UK Launches Industry News Feature to Feed Google Panda

Leading UK digital marketing agency announces launch of Industry News Feature to satisfy Google Panda’s hunger for quality leading edge content.

SEO Agency Micrositez UK Launches Industry News Feature to Feed Google Panda
London, United Kingdom, April 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The UK search marketing agency announced today that it has launched an SEO News section on their main UK website which can be found here: www.micrositez.co.uk. According to their founder and CEO Scot Crone, Google’s latest round of algorithmic updates intends to reward those whose sites are producing high quality, relevant and newsworthy content. Mr Crone said this: “The Panda has an insatiable hunger for high quality, robust, well written original content, it’s no longer enough to have fresh blog content each day, Google Panda now wants much more than that. It wants fresh original content to the main section of your site, as well, not just the blog.”

As a consequence the UK search engine optimisation company Micrositez have placed 4 full time in-house, degree educated, native English speaking copywriters on the case. Their role is to produce the newsworthy industry news they speak about and to create the high quality content that the search giant Google now says it is looking for.

Micrositez CEO Scot Crone went on to say, “Google’s latest round of updates has turned the tables on recent perceived wisdom on SEO, they have commented publicly that they are NOT against SEO, but they are against over optimization. To this end we have tweaked our strategy to rely less on link building and more on producing quality content to help drive results, yes link building is still important but we will be placing much more emphasis on niche, relevance and quality regarding link building moving forward. In addition, we will also be ensuring that clients websites are popular in the social sphere, that they are producing the right social signals, via G+, Twitter and Facebook etc.”

According to Google it now wants to use those sites that produce not only digital marketing news but other high quality news and fresh content as a ranking signal, relying less, for example on anchor text within inbound links as a main metric for returning a result. Micrositez also suggests that they intend to future proof their overall SEO strategy moving forward by implementing and observing Author Rank, to ensure Google knows that the content they are producing is their own and understanding Google’s newest use of Semantic Search to keep them ahead of the curve.

The news section of their website can be found here: http://www.micrositezdigital.co.uk/industry-news/ it includes an SEO News section, a web design news section, a pay per click or PPC news section, a social media news section, general news and industry related news sections.

For more information on Micrositez please visit: http://www.micrositez.co.uk
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