Diabecline Antibiotic Receives Drug Store News Award

Sioux Falls, SD, October 05, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Diabecline® first aid antibiotic, offered by pharmaCline®, has been named the winner of the Drug Store News Best New Product award. This recognition was by vote of key pharmacy industry decision makers at the ECRM® Marketgate™ 2012 meetings held in Charlotte, N.C. Drug Store News is the leading source of news, knowledge and networking for professionals in the multi-billion dollar retail pharmacy marketplace.

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM®) meetings bring executives of vendors and buyers together in high volume focused one-on-one meetings. The ECRM meetings just held in Charlotte brought key pharmacy executives from many of the largest retail pharmacy and supermarket pharmacy chains in North America. These meetings were designed to select new products related to diabetes and long-term care for thousands of pharmacies in 2013.

Diabecline® first aid antibiotic is designed to prevent infection from a wide variety of bacteria- including many of the dangerous resistant forms of bacteria. While scheduled for a January 2013 launch in an over-the-counter unit-dose swab, the delivery technology is also used in prescription pharmaceuticals under development.

“pharmaCline is honored to receive this award,” said CEO Steve Keough, “and we thank the pharmacy industry leaders and product category managers for their clear vote of confidence.”

pharmaCline’s technology restores the effective use of old and well known classes of active pharmaceuticals. The Company has created a life extension program for numerous essential drugs worldwide. “pharmaCline’s technology revives the efficacy of multiple antibiotics, particularly when their use is no longer effective due to bacterial resistance,” added Keough.

“Our Site Specific Penetration Technology (SSPT™) delivery system, combined with well-known antimicrobial agents, creates superb antibiotic results,” according to pharmaCline’s Senior Vice President Sam Michini. “pharmaCline’s technologies enable unique solutions to antibiotic resistance- and we offer a pipeline of new tools for improved antibiotic stewardship.”

pharmaCline® is a South Dakota pharmaceutical company that is a recipient of numerous innovation, product and business awards. The Company welcomes strategic partner relationships to enhance the health and productivity of people worldwide. Additional information about pharmaCline is available at www.pharmacline.com

ECRM® helps buyers and manufacturers improve sales, reduce expenses, and go to market faster and more efficiently. For additional information about ECRM® Marketgate™ meetings, go to www.ecrm.marketgate.com. Additional information about Drug Store News is available at www.drugstorenews.com.

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