Free Special Report Empowers Businesses to Adopt July as the New January and “Go Nuts” in 2007

For a lot of small businesses, July is a slow season – the perfect time to reflect and course correct, so they can end the year deep in the black. "The Secret to Making Your Business "Go Nuts in 2007," a free special report offered by a New Hampshire-based brand strategy firm and a Dignity Marketing company, offers seven tactics for these small businesses and service professionals to attract more clients, build trust, and boost profits. Download the free report at

Laconia, NH, July 20, 2007 --( Most business owners look at January as the perfect time to refresh their focus, correct past mistakes, and set a bold new course to improve their performance.

But with vendors and clients alike prioritizing beach days over business meetings, and so many professionals out on vacations with their families, July presents a promising opportunity to analyze, evaluate, and make powerful decisions that can improve a business’ bottom line come December 31st.

That’s why two creative companies - Acorn Creative and Epiphanies, Inc. – encourage businesses to rethink and recharge their success strategies with a free special report, “The Secret to Making Your Business Go Nuts in 2007,” available as a PDF download at

“Business owners and solo professionals can get overwhelmed when it comes to deciding how to spend their marketing dollars,” says Acorn Creative’s “Chief Nut” Kevin Skarritt. “So they spend out of desperation, instead of focusing on making a strong emotional connection with their target audience. This report explains how to do just that.”

Acorn Creative and Epiphanies, Inc. originally launched the report in December 2006. It attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and small business owners across the United States. By downloading the “Go Nuts Report,” they took advantage of thousands of dollars worth of branding knowledge and marketing insight, distilled into a brisk 18-page manifesto.

Both Acorn Creative and Epiphanies, Inc. work with clients to help them create emotional connections and long-term relationships with their target markets. The two businesses focus on different aspects of this goal: Acorn performs brand consulting, graphic design, and website development, while Epiphanies specializes in idea generation, information product creation, and Dignity Marketing strategies.

In addition to the secret they reveal in the Go Nuts Report, the creative allies also lay out the underlying strategy behind Acorn’s design process – a strategy that’s helped Acorn win “Best of the Web” honors from Forbes magazine for the last seven years. They also describe seven ways a business can put those ideas into action for themselves.

“July really is the new January,” says Lani Voivod, co-founder and “Content Lover” at Epiphanies, Inc., and contributor to The New Writer’s Handbook 2007: A Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft & Career. “Take action now, put the past six months behind you, and you still have a chance to be a magnet for the kind of success you wanted to create when you started out this year.”

“The Secret to Making Your Business Go Nuts in 2007” free special report is available online at

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Acorn Creative is a unique design firm specializing in brand identity. Their holistic approach to brand integrates innovative strategies with original design elements, creating powerful ideas and stories that connect clients with their target audiences in ways they never thought possible. To put their award-winning brand identity services, creative design, and website development to use in your own business, visit Go Nuts.

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As the "Content Lovers" of Epiphanies Inc., Lani & Allen Voivod help lifestyle entrepreneurs "A-Ha Themselves" in fun and profitable ways. For free articles, marketing tips, and content strategies designed to fire up your passion and profit-ize your niche, sign up for their "Inciter" ezine at

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