Book Author Alan Roger Currie to Speak in Berlin, Germany

Book Author Alan Roger Currie will be a featured speaker at The Direct Dating Summit to be held on April 27 and April 28 in Berlin, Germany. Currie has authored four books that have been read by men in as many as twenty-five countries all over the world. Currie is also a professional dating advisor and interpersonal communication skills consultant who offers one-on-one coaching for clients as well as personal consultations with them via the telephone and Skype.

Book Author Alan Roger Currie to Speak in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany, April 15, 2013 --( Does "small talk" help or hurt single men's interactions with women? At least one book author and dating coach advises single men that too much "trivial chit chat" with women will ultimately lead to them being placed into the dreaded "friend zone" by women rather than enhance their opportunities for a romantic connection with women of interest.

Alan Roger Currie, who was born and raised in Gary, Indiana and is an alumnus of Indiana University, has written four books for single heterosexual men on the subject of approaching women, initiating and maintaining a conversation with them, and ultimately connecting with them on a level that goes beyond simply a platonic friendship.

Currie's first book is entitled, "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking," and since being published in 2006, the book has gained a lot of popularity internationally. Currie has since written three additional books that have also been well received by a number of men in different countries. Currie's books are available on and

"I receive e-mail messages and messages on Facebook regularly from men who reside in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, and Turkey. This shows me that many men of different native lands and ethnicities experience many of the same challenges when it comes to approaching women and attracting their attention and companionship. The advice I offer in my books resonates with men all over the world."

It is Currie's objective to have one or more of his books officially translated into German, Portuguese, Spanish, and one or two other languages.

What is Currie's primary philosophy on connecting with women? Currie believes in conversing with women in a manner that is bold, provocative, and straight-to-the-point. Currie frowns on "fluff talk" and conversational subject matter that he perceives as trivial, dishonest, or disingenuous. "Today's dating scene would be much more enjoyable for both men and women if you eliminated at least two types: 'boldface liars' and 'manipulative game players.' I am not a fan of either. I believe in letting members of the opposite sex know my true thoughts, desires, interests, and intentions as it relates to why I want to share their company in the future. If I get rejected or harshly criticized for being 'too blunt' or too candid and forthright, so what. Such is life."

The Direct Dating Summit (DDS) is an international weekend conference that many single men attend to listen to various dating coaches, lifestyle coaches, book authors, and relationship advisors offer them knowledge and wisdom related to improving their love life and social life. The organizers of The DDS frown on the use of the term "pick up artist," because they feel that term has connotations of lying to women and manipulating their emotions.

"I have never considered myself a 'pick up artist,' and I never will," said Currie, who was voted as the "Best Speaker" and "Most Informative Presenter" at The DDS in London, England (November 2010) and Las Vegas, Nevada (March 2012). "A pick up artist uses 'head games,' psychological gimmicks, and creative pre-rehearsed conversational openers in order to attract the attention of women and instantaneously create rapport with them. I do not do that. The approach I teach men is more real and authentic, more self-assured, and far more direct and to-the-point."

Currie is also the host of "Upfront & Straightforward," which is the most listened to talk radio podcast program on the BlogTalkRadio Internet Radio Network in the category of "Romance" and "Dating and Relationships." Currie has had his advice featured in Essence magazine and his talk radio show mentioned in Black Enterprise magazine. Currie will also be a featured speaker at The Direct Dating Summit in New York City in late July 2013. In addition to his books and speaking engagements, Currie also writes articles that offer dating advice for men and women on The and

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