New Stylish Product Provides Ultimate Protection, Comfort, and Relaxation for Your Eyes

MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC, based in Northern California, introduces a new disposable eye protection product to the tanning industry that is comfortable and stylish. Its ray blockers, named MY EYESUNSHIELDS®, fit comfortably over the eyes and provide 100% protection during sunbathing and spray tanning without leaving the unwanted “raccoon” or sunglasses tan lines.

Lincoln, CA, April 26, 2013 --( MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC, based in the Greater Sacramento Area, announces its solution for avoiding sunglasses tan lines while maintaining 100% eye protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. For retailers who wish to offer their customers a new stylish and comfortable product that can be used both during sunbathing and spray tanning, MY EYESUNSHIELDS® is a perfect solution.

Since closed eyelids during sun tanning only block about 25% of the UV rays, eye protection is necessary to prevent serious damage to the eyes. MY EYESUNSHIELDS® is a patented ray blocking product that offers ultimate eye protection with comfort and style. The eye sunshields are manufactured with optic cloth which provide a comfortable and relaxing fit while blocking 100% of the UV rays during tanning. These disposable ray blockers are easy and convenient to use. They are easy to peel and the skin-safe adhesive attaches only to the outer eye without sticking to the sensitive areas of the eye. The ray blockers remain fixed without slipping off to allow for vertical and face-down tanning.

Unlike competing products, MY EYESUNSHIELDS® are available in a variety of colors and artistic designs, allowing customers to match them to swimwear or personal interests. Also unique to MY EYESUNSHIELDS® is its versatile use which allows for indoor, outdoor, and spray tanning. Additionally, for a limited time only, distributors with a minimum order of 12,000 pairs, have the option to imprint their own logo or custom design on the ray blockers at no additional fee.

“I am excited to offer comfortable and stylish eye protection that leaves no unwanted 'raccoon' eyes. After searching for a comfortable product that would protect my eyes from harmful UV rays both during indoor and outdoor tanning with no success, I finally decided to pursue the development of a new product that would fulfill my need,” states Simona Sferle, principal of MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC. “Following intensive research, design and testing, my vision finally materialized with MY EYESUNSHIELDS®, a product that
offers 100% eye protection with comfort and style.”

MY EYESUNSHIELDS® are proudly made 100% in the USA. The suggested retail price is $3.49 per pair. Wholesale pricing varies based on quantity. For instance, the wholesale price for 50,000 pairs is $2.25 per pair. For orders of 12,000 pairs or less, the wholesale price is $2.49 per pair.

To place an order today, call 877.231.0615. For more information about MY EYESUNSHIELDS®, go online to

About MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC: MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC was founded by Simona Sferle who has worked in the healthcare industry for over 16 years. She came up with the idea of MY EYESUNSHIELDS® after unsuccessfully trying to find a product to shield her eyes from harmful UV rays that was still comfortable and eliminated tan lines from sunglasses. Simona’s personal need for something different than what was available on the market and inspiration she gleaned from watching Shark Tank, reading entrepreneurial books and learning about other entrepreneur moms sparked her drive to create MY EYESUNSHIELDS® to fill this niche inthe tanning industry. To learn more about MY EYESUNSHIELDS LLC, go to
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