SQL Farms, Inc Releases Software Packaging & Remote SQL Server Code Deployment Solution for ISVs

SQL Farms, Inc. announced earlier today a new technology to help ISVs package database code and automatically deploy updates on all databases and SQL Server instances in remote customer sites. The new technology does not require any installations on customer networks and fully integrates with active directory and existing security policies in remote data centers.

SQL Farms, Inc Releases Software Packaging & Remote SQL Server Code Deployment Solution for ISVs
Reston, VA, August 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- SQL Farms, Inc. announced a new database code packaging and remote deployment solution to help software vendors ship projects and deploy database code changes at customer sites, without requiring any remote installations. The new technology is part of SQL Farms’ redistributable components and license offerings, which enable ISVs and virtualization providers to deploy updates and collect data from all SQL Server instances and databases in remote networks and data centers.

With SQL Farms’ remote deployment solution, software vendors can now develop database code in-house, embed the code in their software releases, and then use SQL Farms’ components in their installation packages and software products to automatically push changes to multiple SQL Server databases and instances in remote IT environments. Additional features also allow ISVs to collect data and obtain deployment results from customer sites for verification and debugging purposes.

“In the last six months we were contacted by leading software vendors that heavily rely on Microsoft SQL Server in their product offerings, who asked us to help them push database changes to remote sites,” said Dr. Omri Bahat, co-founder and CEO of SQL Farms. He added, “SQL Server environments are growing at a vast rate. Some software vendors use a single database for their application while others use an entire farm of databases and servers. Our new technology offers simple, intuitive, and fully automated deployment solutions that covers all deployment needs and cases, from deploying code to one database on a single client machine to hundreds or thousands of databases and servers across the network”.

The redistributable components and licensing are available as part of SQL Farm Combine 1.9, the latest release of SQL Farms’ flagship product. Additional redistributable features include agent-less data retrieval and distributed querying capabilities in remote environments, as well as collection of performance metrics from all SQL Servers and instances in remote IT sites and data centers.

About SQL Farms

SQL Farms, Inc. is a leading provider of tools and frameworks for working with many databases and servers. SQL Farms products are focused on database management, administration, and deployment in mid-size to very large SQL Server environments and data centers. Key features of SQL Farms products include distributed deployment of changes to all databases and servers, collection of data and performance metrics from all servers through distributed querying capabilities, and deployment of admin changes to multiple databases and servers in parallel. SQL Farms tools are based on patent-pending technologies and do not require any remote agents or installations. For additional information please email info@sqlfarms.com or visit SQL Farms website at http://www.sqlfarms.com.

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