Awareness of NFL Player Brain-Injuries Draws Attention to Brain Injuries Among Public at Large, Says Noted Brain-Injury Attorney with Law Firm Weitz & Luxenberg

Awareness of NFL Player Brain-Injuries Draws Attention to Brain Injuries Among Public at Large, Says Noted Brain-Injury Attorney with Law Firm Weitz & Luxenberg
New York, NY, July 18, 2013 --( Media attention spotlighting the problem of brain injuries among National Football league players is drawing attention to various types of head trauma sustained by people outside the world of sports, says a leading brain-injury litigator with the New York City-based law firm Weitz & Luxenberg PC.

“Brain injuries happen to workers on the job, they happen to men and women in uniform on and off the battlefield, they happen to seniors in nursing homes who are negligently cared for and fall as a result,” says brain injury attorney Shareef Rabaa, Esq. “Just recently in the news was the story of pop-singer Miguel inflicting a head injury on an unsuspecting girl in the audience while he was performing a dance number at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.”

In short, “every active person is at risk for brain injury,” says Rabaa, a noted legal authority on neurological injuries – traumatic brain injuries, in particular. “And, increasingly, people are becoming aware of this fact.”

Public awareness of brain injury – and, specifically, a devastating form of it known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy [CTE] – has been building for some time but did not capture wide attention until the sports press began running hard this year with stories about former NFL players who have serious health problems they and numerous experts say are the product of brain injury, Rabaa indicates.

“The coverage has presented these once-star athletes as shadows of their former selves, and CTE is why they are experiencing these other health difficulties now,” says Rabaa, who earlier in his career served as an Ohio assistant attorney-general and most recently was named by the National Trial Lawyers as both a “Top 40” attorney under the age of 40 and a New York state “Top 100” trial lawyer.

Rabaa notes that traumatic brain injury is often treatable, but the process is long and very expensive. “Treatment involves extended hospitalization, sophisticated medical procedures, a range of rehabilitative services, and caretaking,” he says. “Costs add up quickly. Most brain-injury victims become overwhelmed by debt and face severe hardship because they are unable to work for a living. That is why so many turn to a law firm like Weitz & Luxenberg for help.”

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