New Solar Powered Sound Bird Deterrent

New Solar Powered Sound Bird Deterrent
Mission Viejo, CA, September 04, 2013 --( Bird-B-Gone, Inc. the leading manufacturer of effective, humane bird deterrents has added an exciting new product to their extensive line of bird deterrents. The Solar Bird Chase Sonic, a solar powered sound deterrent – plays recorded bird distress and predator calls to deter birds from large open spaces.

The Solar Bird Chase Sonic appeals to birds’ natural instincts by alerting them of nearby danger. When birds hear the recorded calls they will want to avoid the area being treated. A solar panel mounted on top of the unit powers the system during the day, while rechargeable batteries keep the unit running at night.

Sound bird deterrents that play actual bird calls have proven to be a better option than ultrasonic devices, as peer reviewed scientific studies through universities and government agencies have shown that the majority of bird species do not hear on ultrasonic levels.

The standard Bird Chase Sonic unit sold by Bird-B-Gone, Inc. since 2000 has recently received national attention after being installed in a MTA station in New York. The new solar version will be a wonderful add-on for protecting large spaces far from electrical outlets or for people wanting to conserve energy.

The unit can be programmed to the type of bird posing a problem and can be set to play day, night or both. The Solar Bird Chase Sonic is lightweight, compact and water resistant for outdoor use.

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Ashley Johnson