WeInterpret.net Has Been Awarded the Interpreting Services Contract for Frederick County Government

Maryland Interpreting Services dba: WeInterpret.net has been awarded the Interpreting Services contract for Frederick County Government. This contract establishes an exclusive partnership between WeInterpret.net and Frederick County Government for all sign language interpreting needs within county government.

WeInterpret.net Has Been Awarded the Interpreting Services Contract for Frederick County Government
Columbia, MD, November 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Weinterpret.net (WIN) is proud to announce the finalization of the Interpreting Services contract with Frederick County Government. Having held this contract in years past, the WIN team is excited to re-establish and cultivate their relationship with Frederick County government. The WIN team will be working to provide accommodations for all of the county government’s sign language interpreting needs throughout the year. WIN offers each customer the ability to schedule and utilize interpreting services 24/7, 365 days a year. Each customer has the option of scheduling services via their on-line account, or by calling our offices to speak directly with our coordinators. Along with on-site ASL interpreting, WIN also has the capability to provide interpreting services through state-of-the-art Video Remote Interpreting. VRI is also available 24/7, 365 to fit customer needs. With the ability to connect to an interpreter at a moment’s notice, VRI is an excellent option for medical, educational, and legal settings as well as impromptu situations.

Leading the administrative team, WIN President, Tauna Faries states, “WeInterpret.net looks forward to working with Frederick County Government and the Deaf community again. The WIN Agency was established in this county in 1996; it is home for us.” Although founded in Frederick County, WIN has the ability to provide services nationwide.

About WeInterpret.net

With offices located in Maryland, New Mexico, and Oregon, WeInterpret.net (WIN) is dedicated to providing equal access through readily available interpreting. We are proud to support the local and national Deaf community through quality interpreting services. WIN was established as Maryland Interpreting Services in 1996. With the introduction of its services on the World Wide Web in 2003, the company changed its name to WeInterpret.net. Since then, WIN has expanded to provide interpreting services throughout the nation. WIN has extensive experience providing interpreters within government, corporate, medical, legal, educational, religious, and entertainment settings. The company has more than 1,700 qualified and professional staff and contractor interpreters. This makes it possible for WIN to provide thousands of hours of service each month. WIN is constantly striving to meet the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities effectively and efficiently.

About Frederick County

Frederick County Government consists of the governing body of Frederick County, Maryland. Frederick County is located in Northern Maryland and holds the title of largest Maryland County by land. Due to the county’s inclusion in the Arlington-Washington-Alexandria Statistical Area, there has been a steady increase in growth and population since the county’s establishment. Frederick County is currently governed by county commissioners. Beginning December 1st, 2014, however, the county government will transition to a charter home rule format, as voted on by county residents.
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