The Microdegree: the Disruptive Professional Credential for the 21st Century

The Microdegree offers the perfect credential to evidence advanced professional skills without the cost and extended time commitment required by a traditional undergraduate or graduate degree program. The Microdegree allows candidates to select educational resources and experiences that focus on their precise career path and can also be used as a stepping stone to a traditional degree program.

The Microdegree: the Disruptive Professional Credential for the 21st Century
Atlanta, GA, April 08, 2015 --( Atlanta based Edevate today announced the availability of the Microdegree®, a Digital Credential certifying that the holder has completed 1,000 hours of learning experience in a professional discipline including a minimum of 500 contact hours in accredited educational programs. The completion of a Microdegree parallels the commitment of a full year of undergraduate upper level courses.

The Microdegree offers the first effective credentialing process for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), coding “boot camps” and other competency-based programs. The Microdegree is conceptually similar to the Udacity Nanodegree but is institution agnostic, meaning that it can be earned by combining programs offered through many different institutions and the Microdegree candidate has the freedom to stack and blend different types of educational processes.

The Microdegree is evidenced by secure PDF diploma documents and a digital badge linked to a transcript of the educational experiences underlying the program.

Edevate is in discussion with a number of regionally accredited colleges and universities that are interested in both adopting the Microdegree and granting transfer credit for 15 to 30 credit hours.

Microdegree candidates may elect to complete an Educational Testing Services Major Field Test. Major Field Tests are comprehensive undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments that measure critical knowledge and understanding in a major field of study including ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from the major field of study.

Gordon Rogers, President and Cofounder of Edevate stated: “Efforts are underway to achieve wider recognition and acceptance of alternative forms of credentialing. This trend could be compared to the introduction of iTunes, which offered consumers the option to purchase a single track instead of the entire album. Reinventing a credentialing system that has remain largely unchanged for a century is not going to happen in a semester, but cracks are beginning to appear in the ivory tower’s foundation and we intend the Microdegree to be at the forefront of this movement.”

Thomas Frey, Futurist Engineer, Author, International Keynote Speaker and founder of the non-profit DaVinci Institute which operates a Micro College called DaVinci Coders stated: “The DaVinci Institute is proud to be the chosen launch partner for the Microdegree. At DaVinci Institute we offer immersive courses geared to building in-demand job skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional 2-4 year institutions. Micro Colleges are the fastest way to re-skill your career path and the Microdegree will very effectively credential the real world learning that takes place in our programs."

Edevate has curated over 8,800 free & low cost educational resources at all of which can be used to earn credit towards a Microdegree. Through the Edevate platform users can find courses by multiple search criteria including specific skills and maintain a lifelong Universal TranscriptTM of educational experiences and credentials.

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