ODI TV Lets Anyone Stream Everything

ODI TV LLC, a mid Atlantic coast Florida based company, has developed a set top streaming media hub system that lets even the most technically challenged access and watch On Demand Internet Television using a basic TV remote.

ODI TV Lets Anyone Stream Everything
Ft. Pierce, FL, August 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Headquartered in Ft. Pierce Florida, ODI TV configured an interface, that even your grandmother can use, on a quad core mini computer with enough power to stream 4K and 3D content. And if that wasn't enough, their software made it easy to provide legal access to every movie ever made including those in the movie theaters today, plus every TV show ever made including the latest episodes with no commercials and sports, every game from every city from any sporting event worldwide. The company is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com to raise money by selling low cost subscriptions as an alternative for consumers who are fed up with the high prices of cable and satellite companies and their bad customer service. Jobe Scott, managing partner and Chief Marketing Officer, claims their monthly subscription is only one tenth the cost of what the big boys charge for far less content. "The Internet is the largest repository of media content the world has ever known. Since, literally, everything finds its way there, it's possible to find and legally stream a movie that just opened last week or a classic TV show with every episode from every season, ready to be watched on demand on your HDTV."

Look for their launch on Indigogo and go to their website at www.oditv.com

Jobe Scott can be reached by email at jobescott@oditv.com
Jobe Scott