Aerial Lift Certification Migrates to HTTPS to Promote Website Security

Phoenix, AZ, September 14, 2015 --(, a website for training to become OSHA certified to operate an aerial lift, has migrated their website from HTTP to HTTPS to enhance website security. With personal information required to be submitted to the website in order to register and complete the aerial lift certification classes, wants to ensure their users are fully protected while using the website.

By migrating to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), Aerial Lift Certification’s website will protect the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information website visitors share between the users’ computers and the website. HTTPS offers a more secure experience through Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS), which offers three layers of security when compared to HTTP. The protection includes encryption, data integrity, and authentication.

The encryption process protects data as it’s exchanged to prevent third parties from tracking or stealing information while browsing the website’s pages. This, combined with the data integrity, ensures information isn’t modified or corrupted during the transfer of data. The authentication process will further protect users by connecting directly with to protect against middleman attacks.

Website visitors will not be interrupted by the HTTPS migration. The implementation of the security certification automatically redirects website visitors to the new secure website. With the threat of data breaches becoming increasingly common, Aerial Lift Certification wants to ensure their website visitors have the most secure experience possible while using the website.

“In today’s world, internet security is a large concern that’s always in the back of everyone’s mind,” said Tom Wilkerson, owner of Aerial Lift Certification. “We take our customers’ concerns very seriously, which is why we’ve made the choice to give a more secure experience to protect their data for added peace of mind.”

With a mission for safety, not just with aerial lift operation, but with their customers’ experience as a whole, will provide the ultimate interactive platform for training and certification with the best security protocols available.

About provides fast and cost-effective training and certification to become OSHA certified as an aerial lift operator. With three training options available, employers and aerial lift operators are taught the fundamentals to properly operate an aerial lift according to OSHA standards. Through interactive learning materials and flexible classes, it’s the fastest means to become OSHA certified to operate an aerial lift.
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Tom Wilkerson