TNA Aviation Technologies Announces Buy-Back Guarantee for Aircraft Tow Tugs

Award-winning Aircraft Tow Equipment now comes with No-Risk Guarantee.

TNA Aviation Technologies Announces Buy-Back Guarantee for Aircraft Tow Tugs
St. Augustine, FL, February 08, 2016 --( Last year, TNA Aviation Technologies unveiled its game changing and highly innovative line of advanced aircraft tow tugs. The TugMAXXE® and Flyer-Truck® electrical towbarless tug vehicles combine revolutionary technology, unrivalled flexibility, unique practicability, unparalleled quality, and convenience making it the most ingenious aircraft tow system in the industry. Nothing is easier, and nothing works better, providing FBO’s, MRO’s, corporate flight departments, jet charter operators, airlines, and airport authorities the ultimate ground handling experience.

Companies make all sorts of claims about their products, but now TNA Aviation Technologies is putting its money where its mouth is. TNA today announced a buy-back guarantee for its award-winning electrical towbarless aircraft tugs.

TNA is so confident in its products, it is offering a game-changing buy-back guarantee. "If the tug is not performing as advertised, we'll purchase it back from the buyer," says Michael Turwitt, Managing Partner of TNA Aviation Technologies. “The customer has 5 days after delivery. In case he isn’t satisfied because the product isn’t doing what the specifications promise, we’ll simply buy it back,” he added.

TugMAXXE® and Flyer-Truck® products are made by a seasoned manufacturer, and those products have been extremely successful in many markets. At present, TNA is in the process of making their presence felt in the US market. Shortly after the initial product launch the company received multiple orders, confirming that US customers are seeking better alternatives than what was available to them in the past.

The highly flexible and versatile TugMAXXE® and Flyer-Truck® towbarless tug vehicles provide unmatched applicability, more precision, higher safety, fast return on investment, and most cost-effective use for aircraft handling operators, hangar owners, corporate flight departments, general aviation charter companies and airlines. New innovative aircraft tug solutions were long overdue in North America.

"We have no doubt that this buy-back guarantee will be required in the rarest of instances because our product is that good. However, this is demonstrating our commitment to the buyers, and this will make them more confident while purchasing our products because they have nothing to lose," says Ulrich Nielen, Managing Partner of TNA Aviation Technologies.

About TNA Aviation Technologies

TNA Aviation Technologies, a division of Turwitt, Nielen & Associates, P.A., is the exclusive American distributor for TugMAXXE® and Flyer-Truck® aircraft ground handling tugs. These advanced electric towbarless aircraft tow tugs are easy to operate and offer limitless flexibility. The company provides modern solutions to all aircraft moving and ground support needs for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters between 2,000 lbs. (910 kg) up to 220,000 lbs. (100 tons) MTOW. The company offers best-in-class products that meet the needs of a diverse aviation marketplace, from private aircraft owners, FBO’s, MRO’s, charter and corporate flight operators, airlines, military and law enforcement. TNA Aviation Technologies is a member of the NBAA.


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TNA - Press Release

TNA - Press Release

TNA Aviation Technologies Announces Buy-Back Guarantee for Aircraft Tow Tugs. Award-winning Aircraft Tow Equipment now comes with No-Risk Guarantee

Aircraft Tug Product Photo 1

Aircraft Tug Product Photo 1

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