RastafariUnion Golden Jubilee Celebration - Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia Visit to Jamaica

RastafariUnion is hosting a seven-day celebration and informational symposium highlighting one of the most significant events in Jamaican history, an event that was the catalyst for the global spread of Reggae Music, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia's visit to the island. The celebrations will highlight food, fashion and cultural entertainment from around the world centered on the Jamaican culture that inspired it, Rastafarians and their Roots Reggae Music.

RastafariUnion Golden Jubilee Celebration - Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia Visit to Jamaica
Ocho Rios, Jamaica, February 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Rastafariunion is organizing an online fundraising blitz through the end of the month to raise the funds necessary to put on an international reggae stage show in Jamaica. The festival which will attract star artists from around the world will take place amidst the Golden Jubilee, 50th Anniversary celebration of the historic visit of Emperor Halie Selasssie of Ethiopia to Jamaica. Various organizations will be hosting events throughout the island, as no dignitary in Jamaica's history had ever before received the welcome afforded Emperor Selassie. Just months prior, the Queen of England visited this colony and received almost no recognition from the people, sending a clear message demanding independence.

RastafariUnion will be a festive central feature within these celebrations; providing an in-depth view of the roots of the Rastafarian history and a clear understanding of the culture and customs of this Caribbean Indigenous group, including a long standing history in the veganism, alternative health, natural living and marijuana decriminalization movements. RastafariUnion celebrates the global impact of this indigenous culture with artists performing from all over the world, including Indonesia, Ghana, Italy, Ethiopia, Germany, Belize, Canada, and many more. RastafariUnion seeks to provide solutions to global economic disparities with resources allocated towards education, cultural development, and GREEN economic development programs in the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa.

RastafariUnion believes in the power of collective economics and is trying to raise enough funds to host the festival without any sponsors, although several sponsors are standing by, seeking to gain immediate recognition in this global niche market.

According to a statement by the organization’s spoke person, Jahco Thelwell, “A central focus of the festival is to raise funds and create the needed awareness for the development of a green, zero-waste, city in Akuakrom, Ghana, West Africa. The development is designed to bring economic growth and stability to the region by attracting international business and providing clean power to surrounding villages and communities, while maintaining authentic African design and culture.”

Central to the Akuakrom design is an African Diaspora exchange designed to increase the exchange between Africans on the continent of Africa and throughout the diaspora.

In an interview with the Executive Producer, Ayana Partee stated, “The impact of this event will forever affect world politics. Reggae is the soundtrack to nearly every social movement around the world and has penetrated every music market in the world. People will be coming from all over to participate in the celebrations and associated activities, many with little knowledge of the true cultural impact of Rastafarian culture. RastafariUnion will be the only centralized musical element of the celebrations and will also tie in the past impact, current influence, and the next steps associated with the historical event.”

RastafariUnion is a non-profit organization with one mission: to manifest the teachings of HIM Haile Selassie I through the unified works of Rastafari worldwide. RastafariUnion was started in 2010 as an open source discussion on the global impact of Rastafari culture and the means of reaching greater unity, and social-economic growth within underserved communities; making minor contributions towards education and economic development programs, in the United States, Ghana and Jamaica.

You can get in touch with RastafariUnion through:

www.rastafariunion.com or jahrastafariunion@gmail.com

Our fundraising link is: http://igg.me/at/c331tVOlHI4
Ayana N Partee
Jahco Thelwell
42 Halifax Avenue,
Kingston, Jamaica