Virun® Receives U.S. Patent 9,351,517 for Its Vitamin E, Esolv®, All-the-While Rebranding Itself as a Notable Formulation and Development Giant

Soon after international patent approval, Virun receives U.S. patent 9,351,571 for its principle technology, Esolv®. As research continues to show oils, fats and non-polar compounds have strong and growing efficacious health claims, the need to incorporate these compounds into foods, beverages and supplements will become even more sought-after. VIRUN’s extensive Portfolio, including Esolv®, is accelerating innovation. What Virun has created is notably notable in a noticeable way.

Virun® Receives U.S. Patent 9,351,517 for Its Vitamin E, Esolv®, All-the-While Rebranding Itself as a Notable Formulation and Development Giant
Pomona, CA, June 16, 2016 --( Virun increases its Patent Portfolio with Esolv®, U.S. Patent 9,351,517. Granted patent claim number one, “A composition, comprising: a water-soluble vitamin E derivative mixture present in an amount of from between 1% to 99%, inclusive, by weight of the composition…” Esolv® have several patents and patents-pending that enable stable emulsions containing fats and oils such as Omega EPA DHA. Virun successfully produces Omega multi-serving smoothies containing 1500mg EPA DHA per 15ml, encapsulated caffeine with no bitterness, CoQ10, stable non polar vitamins, compounds and proteins - such as the only stable Glutathione conjugated to Lactoferrin in acidic beverages.

Virun® NutraBIOsciences® is not an ingredient manufacturer, Virun are innovators

Just as with Indiana Jones and the discovery of the “lost ark,” the search for innovation ends here at VIRUN. Companies who are looking for new product development do not have a lot of resources to create true innovation. VIRUN is set-up to do just that, deliver on industry’s need to create innovative products. The success with new product development is an everyday occurrence at VIRUN. Philip Bromley, CEO and CO-Founder of VIRUN stated, "The new products we are kicking-out of this place on a daily basis is 'astronomical.’ Our scientists, dubbed Virun-eers, are at a prime-point of supremacy and efficiency." VIRUN was founded as a drug delivery technology company in 2003. As drugs and pharmaceuticals became more consumer product friendly, VIRUN began directing its efforts toward food, beverage and supplement development. Initially offering encapsulated, bulk liquid emulsions and powders, VIRUN began re-introducing its formulation expertise, known by pharma, and applying this expertise to food, beverage and supplements. VIRUN does not supply raw material ingredients, VIRUN are problem solvers and create finished products that others cannot produce. From start to finish, VIRUN supplies concentrates and finished product manufacturing. All of this utilizing the recently patented, Esolv®, clean label claim formulation. Philip Bromley added, “Right now, the new product applications we are working on are so futuristic that most people cannot even comprehend what we are doing… that’s fine, we are a young company with brand new IP and have many years to educate and further carve-out, what I believe to be, a whole new industry created by VIRUN.’ ‘these new, millennial-designed products will thrive and eventually replace the sugar-waters laced with B vitamins and cheap artificial sweeteners that currently monopolize store shelves.”

New formulation, what is going on and how is VIRUN a part of this creation and evolution?

Industry has reached the “Static-Age,” where innovation is so few and far between and convoluted with perception of innovation through of innovation-less junk. Companies who formulate and develop new food, beverage and supplement products for other companies are almost nonexistent. If you want to create E=Mc2 Water®, where do you turn? People want Omegas, proteins, MCT’s. Consumers want these ingredients and further combine with newly developed brain ingredients that increase brain function, keep us young and allow us to maintain sanity in our fast-paced society. Ingredients such as these exist and VIRUN has finished product compositions utilizing these ingredients. Consumers want to quickly slam-a-shot or a drink that contains food, supplements, vitamins, energy and candy all rolled into one – yet low calorie and natural. VIRUN is focused on taking everything and delivering in a single unit. VIRUN’S huge portfolio of patents and pending patents, including Esolv®, allow all the supplements, Omegas, fats, proteins, probiotics to be delivered in almost any format that is produced in a single facility.

VIRUN will begin to rebrand its business around formulation and product development because that is what they do. Stay-tuned and watch as VIRUN removes the “static” and opens the doors toward true innovation.

About VIRUN:
We are a Nutra-BioSciences™ company formed in 2003 and headquartered in Pomona, CA. We emphasize the safe and efficient delivery of pharmaceuticals and nutrients to the human body through use of our patented and patents-pending technologies. VIRUN’s pharmaceutical and dietary supplement technologies allow improved bioavailability through nanotechnology and Transferrin conjugation that target specific cells within the body. Additionally, VIRUN’s Esolv® and DPtechnology™ allow water-insoluble nutrients to be clear, water-soluble and stable in food, beverage and supplement applications. VIRUN’s innovative solutions and brands include Omega-3 EPA DHA branded as OmegaH2O®, Resveratrol, CoQ10 branded as CoenzymeClear®, AstaxH2O®, PQQ branded as PQQwater®, Lutein, Phytosterols and Curcumin. Virun is a fully integrated research and production facility with manufacturing in California and finished product processing also in California.
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