MAYA Simulation Selected by Spike Aerospace to Help Develop the First Supersonic Business Jet

MAYA Simulation Selected by Spike Aerospace to Help Develop the First Supersonic Business Jet
Montreal, Canada, July 11, 2016 --( MAYA Simulation Inc. is pleased to announce that it will provide support to Spike Aerospace Inc. to help develop the world’s first supersonic business jet and its digital twin.

The complexity of delivering a Supersonic Jet like Spike S-512 requires a global collaboration of aerospace engineering and technology partners. Using Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software, MAYA will support Spike in design, working to turn the complexity into innovative solutions, efficiency and competitive advantages. MAYA’s broad expertise in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for virtual verification in the aerospace industry will help Spike advance its journey towards building the next generation of jets.

“MAYA takes pride in building our business on innovations. We are excited to be working with companies such as Spike, who has a bold vision for the future and for innovation and a cutting edge technology ready to transform the way we travel for business and pleasure,” said Inta Zvagulis, President, MAYA Simulation.

“Spike Aerospace is looking forward to working with MAYA, using Siemens PLM software, to develop the first supersonic business jet. MAYA was selected for their culture of innovation as well as their unique technology and their in-depth knowledge of aeronautical engineering.” -Vik Kachoria, President & CEO of Spike Aerospace.

The Spike S-512 will be the first supersonic jet designed with Quiet Supersonic Flight (QSF), the proprietary technology developed by Spike to minimize the sonic boom by optimizing the aerodynamic design. Flying at supersonic cruising speed, the Spike S-512 will cut the flight time by half at the cost equivalent to a business class seat.

About MAYA Simulation
MAYA Simulation works with engineering firms to solve their most challenging issues. Our expertise in CAE and ability to address the specific needs of companies’ applications, processes, organization and resource help promote innovation, reduce product cost, improve quality, and accelerate time-to-market. As a core Siemens PLM Software partner, MAYA brings an intimate knowledge of a broad range of products and technologies that enables the delivery of end-to-end solutions customized to meet the most demanding customer needs.

About Spike Aerospace
Spike Aerospace is leading a global collaboration to develop the world's first supersonic business jet, the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet. This advanced next-generation aircraft, with Quiet Supersonic Flight technology, will save travelers up to 50% flight time. A world-class team of senior engineers with backgrounds from leading aerospace companies are developing the high-level conceptual design of the supersonic aircraft. Top aerospace firms, like Maya, Siemens, Aernnova and Quartus Engineering are providing their expertise in aircraft design, engineering, manufacturing and testing. Flying Faster, Do More.

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