Mushot™ is a New App Transforms the Idea of Photo Sharing Into a Competitive Game

Try out Mushot, the new museum photo sharing game that lets you take photos in any of the 30 participating museums and see it compete with other photos. Mushot™ Where Your Photo Has a Meaning.

Mushot™ is a New App Transforms the Idea of Photo Sharing Into a Competitive Game
Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia, July 12, 2016 --( Meet Mushot™, the new and exciting app that promises to revolutionize how you explore and share photos taken in museums. Available in Apple Store, Google Play, and coming soon in the Windows Store. Mushot™ will provide any avid museum explorer with a well-designed and easy to use platform to share those great photos they take during their excursions.

What makes Mushot™ stand out from other photo sharing apps is that it turns photo sharing into a game.

In a few shot steps, that cool photo that you have taken could be quickly rising to the top of the leader boards, giving you bragging rights amongst your friends and family.

Step I: Take a photo in any of the 30 participating museums (more coming soon) and share it with friends and family to reach the target likes.

Step II: Wait for a confirmation from the museum that your photo meets their requirements.

Step III: Watch your photo climb up the leader board.

If you have more than one device that you would use Mushot™ on, Mushot™ allows account syncing between different devices and once connected to the internet, you will unlock loads of other nifty features.

Mushot™ will let you explore photos taken by other fellow explorers. Abdullah Ibrahim, Director of Mushot™ said, "With this app every single photo you take will have meaning not only to you, but to other museum aficionados."

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Abdullah Alherz