King Louie America Selects Shop Floor Solution from Incentive Payroll Experts

Union made in the USA workwear manufacturer King Louie America will replace a legacy system with the IPE shop floor solution to streamline payroll processing and improve production tracking and reporting.

King Louie America Selects Shop Floor Solution from Incentive Payroll Experts
Greenville, SC, August 23, 2016 --( Incentive Payroll Experts (IPE) (, the fast-growing developer of shop floor control and incentive payroll solutions for apparel and sewn products manufacturers, announces plans for implementation of its IP-Batch™ solution at Baxter Springs, Kansas-based King Louie America. The new system promises to streamline piecework payroll processing and provide increased visibility into production flow and performance.

“We envisioned an easier to operate and maintain system that would immediately save us time and simplify training of future employees,” said King Louie General Manager Dick McClearen. “Because of our longstanding relationship with the IPE team, we trust the system will be beneficial to our operations. We expect it to streamline payroll processing and simplify integration with our ADP gross-to-net payroll service. Additionally, we anticipate streamlining shop floor control capabilities by being able to more easily monitor production and report on efficiency and movement of work-in-progress.”

The 70-year old workwear company has committed to keeping the entirety of its production in the United States since their doors opened in 1937. With 160 employees, King Louie manufactures men’s and women’s workwear, primarily moisture management shirts and outerwear. The company produces both to order and to stock, and sells directly from their website as well as through distributors nationwide. With increasing demand from clients such as General Motors, AT&T, Verizon and more, the company has added more outerwear and color options, creating the need for a shop floor system that could scale with this growth.

“We are extremely grateful for King Louie’s loyalty and partnership over the years,” said IPE Managing Partner Brad Mikes. “We are looking forward to overseeing their implementation process with the IP system, and the inevitable growth that our system will support.”

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