Dr. Sergey Kalitenko Publishes Latest Book "Bioidentical Hormones: Hell or Heaven"

Holistic practitioner reveals how bioidentical hormones can help improve health and overall well-being.

Brooklyn, NY, September 21, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Leveraging more than three decades of practicing alternative, functional medicine, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko is pleased to introduce his newest book, "Bioidentical Hormones: Hell or Heaven?"

Packed with informed insights and medically sound strategies, the 56-page book debunks “scientific” articles and commonly held misconceptions while providing factual information about how bioidentical hormones can be safe, viable options for middle-aged men and women. Designed to pique readers’ interest, chapters range from “Why Eskimos Do Not Have Heart Attacks” and “Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe?” to “How to Pretend to be Young” and “Fake Hormones that Can Actually Poison You.”

A book within a book, “A Practical Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy” offers 15 pages of helpful information about the most common hormones and medical ailments that typically affect men and women 40 years and older. In addition to details about the role each hormone plays in a healthy body, Dr. Kalitenko provides holistic ways to boost hormone levels – naturally.

“In my book, I wanted to pay special attention to the age-old question of whether bioidentical hormones are superior to their synthetic counterparts,” explained Dr. Kalitenko, who closes his book with unexpected bowel analogy to illustrate the benefits of natural, plant-based hormones. “I also wanted to address some of the most common side effects of bioidentical hormones, and to provide real-world ways of dealing with them.”

Published by AH Editorial, Bioidentical Hormones: Hell or Heaven? can be purchased online at www.authorhouse.com or by calling (888) 728-8467. The helpful bioidentical hormone guide is available in e-book ($3.99) and soft-cover ($10.99) formats, and is also slated to be offered through Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble by the end of the year.

For more information on Dr. Kalitenko, visit his website at www.kalitenko.com.

About Dr. Kalitenko
Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko is an holistic practitioner in the greater New York City area with two offices in Brooklyn and Great Neck, NY. His practice utilizes a functional, alternative approach to identify the root causes of his patients’ unique concerns and address them naturally to promote a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Throughout his venerated 30-year medical career, Dr. Kalitenko has supported numerous patients by combining personalized care with the most current traditional and holistic medicine therapies.
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