Incurator Introduces the Zipper Bag Hanger for Home Improvement

Zipper Bag Hanger is the storage solution that utilizes the hidden power of zip lock bags. Not only are zip lock bags light, they are easy to store, and convenient.

Incurator Introduces the Zipper Bag Hanger for Home Improvement
Kansas City, MO, January 27, 2017 --( The product development start up website Incurator has recently introduced a new way to think about kitchen storage. Their new product, the Zipper Bag Hanger has 6 slots that turn storing food in your home into a simple, easy process, while saving time, money and keeping a germ free kitchen.

Owners of the Zipper Bag Hanger that stress about having a messy kitchen can now dwindle down, knowing everything the simple product can do. The Zipper Bag Hanger can help keep the user’s kitchen clean and organized, and can save them money by keeping better track of food.

Incurator’s Zipper Bag Hanger is the kitchen storage solution that can help utilize the hidden space all-around a user’s kitchen to store food. Zipper Bag Hanger can help save food and storage in the refrigerator, cabinets, pantry area or any other space where extra room is needed. It helps alleviate the fear of opening a cabinet door and everything falling.

Zipper Bag Hanger helps bring convenience to daily life. It can solve the hidden space issue of having too many leftovers and not enough room to store them. Also, the upright design not only makes storing easier but helps keep food fresh in the refrigerator with zip block bags.

Each Zipper Bag Hanger has 6 slots to store medium or large size zip bags in the fridge.

Food hiding in the fridge can build up bacteria and even sometimes mold after an extended period of time. The Zipper Bag Hanger helps ensure that leftovers are easily accessible, which provides a better chance of not misplacing them in the fridge. Besides keeping the refrigerator germ free, this also prevents users from being one of the countless Americans who waste millions of dollars on food every year just to be thrown out.

Incurator has designed the first Zipper Bag Hanger to work for most medium and large size storage bags. These bags can contain liquids, fruits, meats, snacks and many other items. To store items slide the storage bags directly through slip and allow the sides to collapse on top of the bag. This gives the ability to users to conveniently see all of their food options right in front.

Incurator may come out with more designs in sizes and styles to hold different quart and gallon zipper bags in the near future.

Incurator wants to bring this product main stream with the help of the community. The project can only be sent into production, optimized and perfected with help from interested parties. Pledges enable Incurator to move forward and to continue building the production lines of this Zipper Bag Hanger smart storage system.

While Incurator is doing a lot of the work themselves, they still have to rely on others (manufacture, shipping) to provide their end. However, they are confident that these parts will be no problem, as they are talking to well established industry leaders.

In some very rare cases Zipper Bag Hanger may not fit all refrigerator units. There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life. Incurator plans to keep supporters updated every step along the way.

Incurator is going to launch a KickStarter campaign, and are constantly looking for new ideas to help promote it. For more product info please see below:

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