Serwize Want You to Dump Your Secret Data in Nature

IT startup wants to change your memory. Forget about usernames and passwords and start using your own memories for identification.

Serwize Want You to Dump Your Secret Data in  Nature
Kolding, Denmark, May 09, 2017 --( Serwize, a Danish information technology startup, is highly delighted to announce the launch of their new application "Map[ur]Data" which offers users the opportunity of dumping their most secret data in the nature. The application is a complete and lasting solution to the threatening challenges and frustration associated with forgetting info and the security risk of writing them down. It enables users to forget about usernames and passwords associated with securing and protecting data and start using their own memory for identification.

Humanity has faced the challenge of keeping data such as driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, social security numbers, and credit card pins, secured and protected from predators, bullies, cyber criminals, and corrupt businesses who will try to have undue access to such data. Securing and protecting such data has been done through passwords and usernames but remembering usernames and passwords has been a challenge since we started using them. "Map[ur]Data" is a potent tool for securing and protecting data without the use of usernames and passwords.

Brian Christophani, the founder of Serwize says, "In a lay man’s language the application allows you to write down your most secret information on a piece of paper, and then with a black spray can you make the content of your paper unreadable. Afterwards, using a scissors you cut the paper into 3 parts all containing a portion of the secret data and bury each part of the paper in a separate and precise location anywhere in the world. In this instance, somebody might locate any part of your unreadable piece of paper but cannot locate all the three pieces which makes it quite useless. Only you will know the 3 exact locations and the means of removing the spray with which you made them unreadable."

From a technical perspective "Map[ur]Data" works by enabling you to enter your secret information using any device of your choice. After that it offers you a client side encryption, which means that the readable data you've entered never leave your device and cannot be seen by another person even the service provider. Then the app enables you to choose 3 different locations around the globe where you intend to hide your encrypted data. And finally it splits your encrypted data in 3 pieces and stores them individually in the 3 locations you chose, explained Brian Christophani.

"Map[ur]Data" introduces "Geothentication" which is a new way of identification/authentication necessary to allow the user to have access to the platform as well as "ShreddedDataStorage" which means that the 3 parts of your encrypted data are stored individually in the three separate and precise locations on the globe. Serwize, the provider of this service, has no knowledge of the user as a person, as the user will never enter any personal information. The user only needs to memorize the 3 locations and can choose locations that can be linked to personal events like birthplace, place of marriage, and favorite beach etc.

"Map[ur]Data" comes in these free versions:

A browser-based version at, an iOS app for iPhone/iPad users in App Store and an Android app for mobiles and tablets at Google Play.

For more information contact:
Serwize ivs
Brian Christophani (CEO)
Phone: +45 50490290
Serwize ivs
Brian Christophani
+45 50490290
Frontpage of the

Frontpage of the

Although the solution is technically advanced the user interface is kept very simple and easy to use.

Clientside encryption

Clientside encryption

Modern industry standard encryption mechanism secures your data before it leaves your screen.

Data saved

Data saved

After selecting your geographical positions, your data is saved.