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HealthPoint Plus, Inc. Enters Into Strategic Agreement to Acquire Telehealth Assets

HealthPoint Plus, Inc. has agreed to aquire the members of from Commons Health, Inc. of Ohio as part of an ongoing strategy of rapid expansion into the telehealth market.

HealthPoint Plus, Inc. Enters Into Strategic Agreement to Acquire Telehealth Assets
Danvers, MA, June 09, 2017 --( HealthPoint Plus has entered into an agreement to purchase the telehealth assets of Commons Health, Inc. based in Ohio. The roll up of this additional customer base, under the HealthPoint Plus umbrella, continues the company’s rapid expansion into the fast-growing telehealth market. The growth in demand for telehealth service continues to skyrocket. The market value is set to hit $36.2 billion by 2020, up from $14.3 billion in 2014. “We are excited to be integrating and expanding our business with the membership base that Ardina has built,” says HealthPoint Plus CEO Robert Goddard. Mr. Goddard continues, “Our mission is to reinvent healthcare by providing cost effective alternatives to the high cost of healthcare and the acquisition of Ardina’s telehealth members continues to build our nationwide membership base.” Mr. Goddard, who is a graduate of The Harvard Business School, has been involved in the healthcare industry for nearly 30 years and has been the CEO of a National Market public company increasing its value to shareholders from under 100 million dollars to nearly half a billion dollars.

The CEO of Commons Health, Inc., Shaun Young, commented, "We are pleased to be integrating our members with HealthPoint Plus and share in their vision to utilize technology to deliver less expensive and more importantly better health care to patients. Our members will benefit from the extensive resources of HealthPoint Plus."

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HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is a leader in next generation healthcare. We provide Telehealth, Hybrid Direct Primary Care, High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts. Each of our products can be delivered independently or be integrated into a complete cost effective solution. It is our mission to deliver exceptional care and enhance patients experience while making health care affordable to every American.

We deliver services nationwide providing care in 46 states with offices in Florida and headquarters in Massachusetts.

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