Online Hydroponics Store Continues to Grow and Expand Publishing Content

Online hydroponics store expands website content featuring hydroponic system, LED grow light and grow tent comparison, review and pricing information to create safe and valued content for hydroponic brands.

Online Hydroponics Store Continues to Grow and Expand Publishing Content
Atlanta, GA, June 11, 2017 --( Hydroponic Supply USA, a growing online hydroponics store and hydroponic focused media publisher managed by Sync Internet Marketing since 2014, today announced the expansion of the website to include a much broader set of content featuring hydroponic system, LED grow light and grow tent content.

Affiliate marketing has evolved to become an important sales channel for many product brands due to the impact it has on product discovery and brand engagement while driving incremental direct online sales. Hydroponic supply brands are now increasingly devoting a larger portion of their advertising budgets to online marketing and enjoy the value gained from the vertical expertise of select media publishers. Sync added the site to their portfolio in 2014, and continues to build out the website designed to attract the most popular brands in hydroponics industry.

“The new website content is focused on brand agnostic content and provides a safe online advertising platform for brands looking to control where their products are featured,” said Timothy Beisner. “This new content on the website will help future visitors easily find the information they seek, promote discovery and hopefully help increase awareness for this growing hydroponics industry.”

Highlights of Sync’s content plan for the online hydroponics authoritative website include the following mobile-friendly features:

· Best Grow Tent Comparison, Pictures and Prices
· Top Rated & Best Hydroponic System including Ebb and Flow and Deep Water Culture types
· Best LED Grow Lights

As the demand for hydroponics supply, LED grow light, grow tent and indoor growing continues to grow in the US, this new content in a mobile-friendly website should continue to evolve and support the needs for consumers looking to discover and engage with brands featured in the hydroponic supply industry.

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