Theatre Arts Academy Presents Inaugural Production of Beauty and the Beast JR

Sudbrink Performance Academy brings new life to the "tale as old as time" - tickets on sale now at

Theatre Arts Academy Presents Inaugural Production of Beauty and the Beast JR
Waukesha, WI, July 07, 2017 --( A local performing arts academy is gearing up to present their first staged production, "Beauty and the Beast JR."

43 local kids of varying ages make up the cast, which includes actors and featured dancers.

"We are fortunate to be working with a very focused and dedicated group of performers. They are young, but many of them have a drive and work ethic beyond their years," said Sudbrink Performance Academy's founder, Jes Sudbrink. "The dance features add a new element of beauty to the telling of the story - and we are delighted to offer this opportunity for these young dancers to shine in a full-scale production."

Sudbrink Performance Academy's driving motto is to "motivate, challenge, and prepare..." their students. It is evident in their programming, which moves at a fast pace, not unlike what would be found in a collegiate or professional atmosphere.

"For these kids who have a solid interest in theatre, and who may be pursuing the performing arts in college," said Jes. "Our programs are built with them in mind. We want to better prepare the next generation of theatre artists."

The Sudbrinks are focused on bringing real-world knowledge and a strong foundation to these kids early on. "Our Music Theory class is a great example. For anyone pursuing a musical theatre degree or career, it is absolutely vital to know how to read music, know what intervals are, have this basic foundation," Jes explained. "You can only get so far with a natural ability - the ones who excel also have knowledge to back it up."

"Beauty and the Beast JR" is the culmination of the efforts of many people. Jacob Sudbrink is the Director. Jes Sudbrink, Valerie Dixon, and Deena Muntz take on the choreography. Muntz works with the dance features. Jessica Marks music directs, Darcy Devens is costumer, and Mark Brooks is lighting designer and master carpenter. The show is stage managed by Natasha Goeller. Kate Akerboom assisted with dialect coaching, and Dawn Pelej will act as the show's advisor. There are also many volunteers working behind the scenes to make it all come together. Beyond the production staff are dozens of donations from the Academy's many supporters, making this show possible.

Downtown Waukesha is quickly becoming the place to be this summer, and Sudbrink Performance Academy adds one more bit of sparkle to Main Street.

"We hope that you'll come and see what we have been working on," said the show's director, Jacob Sudbrink, "you'll be impressed with these kids."

"Beauty and the Beast JR" runs July 28 - August 6.

Performances are at Hartland's University Lake School Fine Arts building.

Tickets are $10 at
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