Charleston Couple Invents New Tennis Product

Charleston couple, Dan & Margie Curry, have just launched their website to sell Tennis Bagup, a very unique new product for tennis players. The Tennis Bagup stand attaches to your tennis bag, and gets the tennis bag up off the ground and off the court benches. Folding legs makes it easy to use, carry, and store. This couple spent the past two years building different prototypes and improving their product, before applying for patents and selling it online.

Charleston Couple Invents New Tennis Product
Charleston, SC, September 06, 2017 --( The Tennis Bagup stand is very unique because it attaches to your tennis bag, with color coordinated bungee cords with balls, and the stand and bag stay connected, whether you're using it, carrying it, or it's being stored. Available in lime, blue, and purple, the stand is made from a very sturdy, but lightweight plastic, and has UV inhibitors to protect the colors from fading. Dan & Margie Curry, of Charleston, SC are the inventors of this new tennis product, which is designed to get tennis bags up off the ground and off the tennis court benches. Custom folding legs makes it easy for tennis players to use. Currently the Tennis Bagup products are being sold in the U.S. but this company has big plans for growth. "We want to build a global brand for our Tennis Bagup products," says Margie Curry, Vice President, Sales, Marketing, & Licensing. Please visit their website for more information on this new product for the tennis market. Phone: 843.302.6024
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