Stellar Scholars: Its Stellar Romance "Storytube" Gift Links Have a Simple Mission - Re-Make the World from Love Stories and Let It Begin at a Public Library Near You

Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta are the charter cities, but Stellar Scholars wizardess and former Ford stats whiz Patricia Emery needs the big publishers' help from there.

Stellar Scholars: Its Stellar Romance "Storytube" Gift Links Have a Simple Mission - Re-Make the World from Love Stories and Let It Begin at a Public Library Near You
Detroit, MI, October 13, 2017 --( Miracles are never matters of routine for Stellar Scholars Co-Chair and CEO Patricia Emery. They are born of strong faith and hard work, Patricia assures all who marvel how her non-profit collective of successful professionals weekly rekindle the dormant love affairs of long-time spouses, inspire and motivate matrimony and, in their quiet way, seek to change the world with their free love story gift links to special someones across the big blue planet we live and love on.

According to Patricia, it all starts with a library near you.

Co-Chair Frank Dattilo, Editor-in-Chief of Stellar Scholars Roundtable of writers seconds Patricia's plea: "Whether the love story is about romance or about a love for baseball, whether it is read aloud by a reader in Ireland or in Israel, or listened to via a live "Story-Tube" read on YouTube, it all starts with a public library where the history of our letters and our loves is neatly cultivated and stored.

Libraries in Stellar Scholars' backyard seem to agree. Proclaims Mary Ann Bartles, Director of the large Dearborn library system in the heart of Ford country, "It is an honor to have won the very first Stellar Scholars Hawthorne Award in Library Sciences, but a very special tribute coming from an academic group of such impressive lineage as one founded and headquartered in our own hometown."

Deputy Director Julie Schaefer adds, "There is no doubt that a listing for a Stellar Novella is special, (Stellar Scholars' own line of gift-book titles) but the pride we take in pointing out that many were created in concept and actually written and edited on our own banks of library computers is immeasurable."

Erin Chapman at the nearby Melvindale Library, longtime advocate of Stellar Scholars, agrees wholeheartedly: "No matter the media, electronic or bound hardcover, or live 'BookTube' read on the Stellar Romance or Saints and Scholars sister sites, it all starts at the library."

Over the next few weeks, Ms. Emery will be reaching out to place books in Detroit, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta library branches. Stellar Scholars can self-sponsor the first of these, but to deliver their lofty vision of re-making the country and an admiring world to urban and suburban libraries across this land of ours, the Stellar Novellas will have to be represented by large literary agencies to large publishing houses who can underwrite the effort nationwide.

Jennifer Watters, Editorial Director of Stellar Novellas, points out: "Daily, people are re-living the love of their life or meeting them now through us, while famous big-name celebrities are singing our praises, but we still need that miraculous boost from a library in your hometown."
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