Behold the War of the Cyberwizards

The novel "War of the Cyberwizards" explores a hypothetical attack on the United States and its consequences. It is written to wake up the American government and public to how vulnerable we all are to cyberattacks.

Behold the War of the Cyberwizards
Shepherdstown, WV, February 29, 2008 --( Behold the War of the Cyberwizards: New Book examines a hypothetical cyberattack on America and the consequences that follow.

As more people immerse themselves deeply into cyberspace, they become more vulnerable to cyberattacks and electronic manipulation. Worse, America may find itself on the losing end of the war on terror if it fails to secure itself online. A fascinating look at the nation’s vulnerability in cyberspace begins as Xlibris releases War of the Cyberwizards, the new book authored by Dr. Charles L. Wilson.

This volume explores a hypothetical cyberattack on the United States and its consequences. It is written to emphasize to the public and the government how vulnerable we all are to online attacks. As if torn from the pages of our newspapers, a drama unfolds that pits America’s most skilled cyberwizards against extremists who are equally savvy. The novel unfolds in the mountains of Mexico, Morocco, West Virginia and the battlefields of Iraq. It culminates in the takeover of Air Force One by cyberterrorists and a direct battle between al-Qaeda and the President of the United States.

Filled with vivid scenes and plausible scenarios, War of the Cyberwizards is a convincing portrayal of what life would be like in the event that America’s information infrastructure collapses due to cyberterrorism. Countless amounts of money and a wide variety of information are exchanged electronically every day. Insufficient attention has been given to the catastrophic events that would follow the disruption of this exchange.

About the Author
Dr. Charles L. Wilson is President and CEO of Wilson Associates International LLC. In his previous teaching and research career with various universities and the USDA—in work that spans over fifty years—Dr. Wilson has collaborated with scientists in various parts of the world. During his visits with scientists in Muslim societies and developing countries, Dr. Wilson became interested in the root causes of the animosity that American foreign policy has often generated. War of the Cyberwizards explores how American foreign policy impacts on disadvantaged populations in other countries and may lead to their support for terrorism.

War of the Cyberwizards * by Charles L. Wilson
A Novel
Publication Date: January 28, 2008
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 193 pages; 978-1-4257-9843-7
Cloth Hardback; $29.99; 193 pages; 978-1-4257-9878-9

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