Free Demo of The Academy, the Leading Course for Mastering Stocks, Released by Peter Leeds

World-renowned investment guru Peter Leeds is proud to announce the launch of the free demo of the Peter Leeds Academy - an intensive online course aimed at helping investors to master the volatile world of stocks.

Free Demo of The Academy, the Leading Course for Mastering Stocks, Released by Peter Leeds
New York, NY, April 03, 2018 --( Best-selling author of numerous books about stocks, and editor of the newsletter discussing low-priced investments, Leeds is proudly announcing the free demo of his brand new, online course for mastering stocks, The Academy.

Leeds comments, “This full, start-to-finish course reveals everything you need to know to turn the money you have, into the money you want.”

The Peter Leeds Academy is aimed at teaching investors how to master the stock market by using Leeds’ time-honored techniques. On the curriculum are the following topics, all discussed in vivid and humorous detail by Leeds himself:

29-point Leeds Analysis
special tips, tactics, and strategies
investor psychology
trading chart patterns
3rd Level Analysis
assessing competition
financial ratios, and which ones to trust

The Peter Leeds Academy promises to take these investors even further. With optional quizzes, priority feedback, and advanced guidance from Leeds, the Academy is an invaluable guide to dominating the stock market.

The Peter Leeds Academy has only recently been officially launched. As of the time of publication, demand for The Academy has been very solid, and reviews have been strongly positive.

For those who want a sneak peek of the extensive content, it is now available with the release of the new demo page.

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had people ask me how I’m able to find some of the best stocks out there,” Leeds says. “And I’ve finally decided to spill my secrets to a select few.”

For more information about the Peter Leeds Academy, visit our demo page to get your free sneak peek.

You can learn more about Peter Leeds here.
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