Publisher Releases Free Children’s Audiobook Collections & CCSS Resources

Publisher Releases Free Children’s Audiobook Collections & CCSS Resources
Lake Worth, FL, June 29, 2018 --( Today Rebecca Hinson Publishing released free audiobook collections of Central America, Caribbean, and U.S.A. books for children about the art, culture, and history of the Caribbean, Central America, and the U.S.A.

They are accessible at this link:

Free CCSS resources for these books are accessible at this link:


- "Carnival Masks" explores the fantastic costumes of the Dominican celebration.
- "Cienfuegos Architecture" interprets the architecture of Cuba’s sugar barons.
- "Citadelle La Ferrière" shows the largest fort in North America.
- "Francisco Oller" reveals the paintings which helped define a national Puerto Rican identity.
- "Independence" illustrates how a society of slaves became the independent state of Haiti.
- "Jíbaros" celebrates the Puerto Rican pioneers who lived simply, caring for homeland and family.

Central America

- "Backstrap Weaving" illustrates the Maya tradition of weaving for the last 1200 years.
- "Creation of the Maya" recounts the ancient legend of how the Creators made the Maya people.
- "Dance of the Deer" interprets the hunter’s dance for asking Mother Earth’s permission to take the life of a deer.
- "Legend of Tenochtitlán" intertwines the legend and history of the largest and most powerful city of Mesoamerica.
- "Tecún Umán" tells the story of the Quetzal and the Maya prince who fought bravely to defend his people.
- "The Aztec Calendar Stone" reflects astronomical observations, calendrical cycles and mythology of the ancient Aztec civilization.

United States of America

- "Emancipation" tells the story of slavery, secession, and the Civil War.
- "Liberty" explains how the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and fought to defend the United States of America.
- "Native American" shows beautiful woven, beaded, painted, and carved works used in daily life.
- "Quilting" interprets the role of quilting in American life.
- "Statue of Liberty" illustrates the construction and meaning of Lady Liberty.
- "United States Capitol" narrates history as illustrated by the art and architecture of the Capitol.

We jump-start ELLs out of the silent phase and instill cultural pride with books about art, culture, and history of their home countries. Our CCSS questions prepare ELLs to pass ELA assessments.

Rebecca Hinson stated, “Nine years ago I had an 'Aha' moment. I was teaching kindergarten students about Maya backstrap weaving. Adham blurted out, ‘Mi abuela make corte!’ and he excitedly shared what he knew. When his teacher came to fetch her class, she exclaimed, ‘What happened to Adham? He’s in the silent phase!’ But that day Adham saw something he recognized, and he wanted to share what he knew.”

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