Bryan Hawker Offers Forecast and Future Outlook for BKH Holdings Group Inc

Bryan Hawker Offers Forecast and Future Outlook for BKH Holdings Group Inc
Salt Lake City, UT, August 08, 2018 --( BKH Holdings Group Inc., has announced further plans for continued growth and corporate expansion in the multi-brands market it serves.

BKH Holdings Group, Inc., is an American multinational company that is highly diversified in a variety of markets with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers multi-brands and services with over 750 products throughout the fifteen companies owned and managed under the corporate umbrella both nationally and internationally in the retail and wholesale markets.

Bryan Hawker of BKH Holdings Group, Inc., says, “BKH Holdings Group has seen substantial growth in size and synergy with our subsidiaries. The growth from within and increased sales of products and services, also allows a higher interest in purchasing additional successful businesses. This will further our opportunities to serve our customers. BKH is enhancing the quality of life while creating a better future for those who use products from our portfolio.”

The company is currently engaged in businesses from the nutraceutical industries, auto speed and performance shops, automotive dealership acquisitions, to even a national drag racing team. They are currently building a top fuel drag racing team to be introduced into the racing circuit for the 2020 season.

BKH Holdings Group, Inc. Through the benefits of combined efforts, they have formed “Fly 4 Children.” It is a non-profit charitable organization made with amazing group of individual’s, pilots, friends, and dedicated volunteers who arrange free air transportation for financially distressed children and their families. When patients are under time-critical, non-emergency medical situation due to their medical conditions, “Fly 4 Children” is there to help all in need.

About BKH Holdings Group

BKH Holdings Group is a holdings company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. BKH Holdings owns and operates various companies in a wide range of markets throughout the United States and the world.

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