Health & Comfort Doors LLC Introduces an Award-Winning, Patented Ventilating Door

A proven new built-in ventilation design that equalizes indoor air pressure that meet or exceed valuable EnergyStar requirements.

Health & Comfort Doors LLC Introduces an Award-Winning, Patented Ventilating Door
Phoenix, AZ, October 01, 2018 --( Notice that one or several rooms in your home seem much cooler or warmer than the rest? Pressure imbalances are a well-known problem in forced-air systems. As modern building methods strive to improve greater energy efficiency, the tightly sealed spaces can create indoor air pressure imbalances. For example, when interior doors are closed, they cause air pressure imbalances pushing air to seek escape through gaps around windows and other outlets. In addition, dust can spread throughout the space, and the HVAC system is forced to work overtime - making energy bills higher and increasing personal discomfort.

HVAC contractors and home builders have developed several workarounds such as installing door grills and undercuts, cross-over ducts from room ceilings to hallways, or transfer grills. Naturally these options are expensive to install. NexDoor’s patented design eliminates the need for these workaround options.

The brain-child of Jerry Crittenden, principal of Health & Comfort Doors LLC said the branded NexDoor’s innovative design came from his many years in the door manufacturing business. His vision is to bring doors into the 21st Century--a door that sets a new standard for comfortable and healthy living. Crittenden has been awarded 13 patents for his many ideas. NexDoor’s design features a patented air flow system that equalizes air pressure throughout the house without expensive and unsightly grills and ductwork. The innovative doors come in a selection of door styles, built of natural wood and also high-quality, environmentally-friendly MDF.

The latest NexDoorTM feature is the application of a “smart” coating on the door’s interior panels that removes harmful formaldehyde from indoor air. Carpets, furniture, drapery and insulations all are items made with glue and adhesives that emit formaldehyde. This unique coating absorbs the formaldehyde molecules and are broken down by a chemical reaction, rendering them harmless. Living in a home that won’t make you sick, is an important factor for homeowners and home builders. One study conducted by William Fisk from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that improved indoor air quality can reduce asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems. The “smart” coating adds additional benefits to the NexDoorTM that furthers Crittenden’s vision and quest to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

NexDoorTM is currently manufactured by Phoenix-based Executive Door Company, a NexDoorTM licensee for California, Arizona and Nevada. October 19-21, 2018 at the Maricopa County Home Show, Westworld, Scottsdale, NexDoorTM will feature a test booth with demonstrations of the door design’s achievable pressure differential. Visit them at booth # 1029. For more information, call Ron Costello at 602-477-0995. NexDoor is a brand trademark owned by Health & Comfort Doors, LLC.
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