HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center Opens Enrollment for a Prospective Multicenter Study on Functional Outcomes Following Metastatic Bone Cancer Surgery

HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center Opens Enrollment for a Prospective Multicenter Study on Functional Outcomes Following Metastatic Bone Cancer Surgery
Denver, CO, October 31, 2018 --( HealthONE’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center’s (P/SL) Institute for Limb Preservation, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute (Sarah Cannon), opened enrollment for a prospective multicenter study on functional outcomes following metastatic bone cancer surgery.

Metastatic bone cancer refers to cancers that originate in a distant site, often soft tissue organs such as breast or prostate, and then spreads to the skeletal system. Patients often experience significant pain and structural weakness of their bones, as the cancer cells erode the normal bony architecture - similar to termites eating away at wood. At any given time in the United States there are approximately 250,000 patients living with metastatic bone cancer. While there are a wide range of non-operative interventions for this disease process, surgical intervention is often required in order to prevent, or treat, a pathologic bone fracture.

Dr. Daniel Lerman, an orthopedic oncologist with Sarah Cannon at P/SL, and his colleagues’ work eliminates a significant deficit of knowledge regarding patient outcomes following metastatic bone cancer surgeries. Although metastatic bone cancer is a prevalent problem, there is a dearth of high-level data available to patients and physicians to help guide surgical treatment decisions. “We seek to better understand who will benefit from surgical intervention and to what extent. Advances in cancer therapy work to turn metastatic cancer into a chronic medical condition, and as an orthopedic oncologist, my goal is to optimize patients’ function and minimize their pain - in order to maximize patients’ quality of life,” states Dr. Daniel Lerman.

The multidisciplinary care team at the Institute for Limb Preservation at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, has been treating patients with musculoskeletal cancers and limb-threating disease in a cutting-edge manner for more than 30 years. As a recognized leader in the field of bone cancer treatment, they have been able to partner with multiple distinguished medical centers from around the nation in order to bring this study to the patients’ of the Mountain West.

Early data was presented at Western Ortho Association, Musculoskeletal Tumor Society and published in the Journal of Surgical Oncology.

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