Nubbz Sunglasses, the World's First Sunglasses That Don't Need Your Ears to Sit on

Nubbz Eyewear, launches its Kickstarter campaign to launch the world's first sunglasses that are temple fit. The sunglasses are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter website.

Nubbz Sunglasses, the World's First Sunglasses That Don't Need Your Ears to Sit on
Yuma, AZ, November 09, 2018 --( Nubbz Eyewear hopes to raise $50,000 to bring Nubbz sunglasses to world of fashion and sunglasses.

On November 3rd 2018, Nubbz Eyewear launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting at $116, Nubbz sunglasses is the world’s first patented sunglasses that are truly designed to only sit on the temples and not on the ears for a comfortable fit.

These unique sunglasses came from years of experience in the spectacle and eyewear industry, Dr. Zack Samo. Dr. Samo, the founder of Nubbz Eyewear, explains: “The sunglasses were either too tight or too loose. I went about finding a way to have glasses fit on the face without the need for the long temples of the glasses sitting on the ears. After studying the designs of various glasses in general and sunglasses in particular, I discovered that you only need a three point touch for the glasses to sit on the face. The nose and the two sides of the glasses is what is all that is needed to have the sunglasses sit on the face. The challenge was to come up with a design that was functional, comfortable to wear and look good at the same time. I started sketching different designs adjusting the length of the temples, or the arms of the sunglasses, so that they’re not sitting on the ears. After, many designs, trials, and errors, I finally came across the winning design.” Dr. Samo continues, “After months, and thousands of dollars later, an initial design was realized. Everyone that saw the prototype seemed impressed and wanted to try it even though it was just a miniature of the actual site. That’s when I realized I have something good here. I immediately contacted a patent lawyer to patent this line of sunglasses. And now, I am proud to present this new lined of sunglasses to the rest of the world. Since the arms on the sunglasses are very short by design, and looked more like nubs than actual traditional sunglasses temples, I decided to call my new sunglasses Nubbz.” You can see the story at

Nubbz sunglasses have unique features that other sunglasses don’t have.

Specs include the following:

· The sunglasses have very short temples that don’t reach the ears. Instead, they just sit on the temples of the face for a comfortable fit.
· On the short arms or temples of the sunglasses, Nubbz have different size interchangeable rubber inserts that fit different size heads.
· Nubbz sunglasses also have interchangeable nose pieces.
· The very short temples work great for a variety of customers whom regular sunglasses don’t fit such as bikers.
· Nubbz sunglasses look futuristic and modern.

You can back Nubbz sunglasses at the following kickstarter campaign: or

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Nubbz Video

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