US Incubator Welcomes Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

US Incubator Welcomes Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs
Evansville, IN, January 11, 2019 --( US Incubator LLC has announced it will be welcoming new business start-ups and entrepreneurs to it's building in downtown Evansville. Now with the addition of co-work space and offices available on a “by the day lease,” US Incubator is opening it's doors to the self-employed, start-ups & established businesses. The incubator has many updates planned this year, the Incubator team is excited by the new growth they are seeing by businesses locating in Evansville.

Frank Peterlin, Founder/CEO of US Incubator LLC states, “The location of Evansville makes it a great place to locate your business. With four major cities surrounding us, the location opens up large markets in every direction.” US Incubator has been serving the Tri-State for many years and continues to develop new businesses. “We strive to help every business that locates here to grow from small start-ups and become profitable and sustainable businesses,” said Peterlin.

With over 54,000 square feet of customizable space, US Incubator has served as home to everything from individual self-employed offices, non-profits, political campaigns and parties, mental health services, lawyers, tech companies and many others. With 27 million Americans expected to become self-employed over the next few years, US Incubator will be expanding as those new businesses seek a place to grow.

About US Incubator
US Incubator LLC of Evansville, IN is a private business incubator offering business start-ups a place to grow ideas into profitable businesses. With all-inclusive leases for office space, retail space and warehouse space, they are outfitted to handle most any type of business start-up. They also have staff available to provide guidance starting your business, consulting and many other business services. US Incubator is a driving force for over 60 already thriving businesses currently located in their building.

You can learn more about US Incubator LLC on their website at or on Facebook.
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US Incubator Information

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