CertifyMe.net Releases Shocking New Study on OSHA Fines and Penalties

A survey of 100 businesses uncovers massive fines due to non-compliance, increased enforcement and a high demand for annual certification renewals.

Phoenix, AZ, February 20, 2019 --(PR.com)-- An extensive research study recently conducted by CertifyMe.net reveals new findings supporting the importance of forklift training, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, and other key factors related to total workplace safety.

“Our goal is to make everyone – employers, safety supervisors, forklift drivers, and other employees – aware of the importance of workplace safety,” said Tom Wilkerson, CEO of CertifyMe.net. “With this study, we’ve shed some light on OSHA audits, safety programs, forklift training, and much more.”

The study from CertifyMe.net, a trusted provider of forklift training and certification, includes wide-ranging, comprehensive data on some of the most talked-about issues affecting industrial workplaces today:

· Employee training and certification (including renewal)
· Machinery & equipment safety data
· OSHA fines and penalties
· Frequency of OSHA audits
· And much more

The training company interviewed over 100 managers, safety personnel, and other employees at a business where heavy machinery is used.

“For this study, we wanted full-scope, full-scale feedback from different companies across the United States,” said Mr. Wilkerson. “We were able to collect an impressive amount of data, which is very helpful. But among the most rewarding things about our study were the personal stories about workplace safety. We tend to think of OSHA statistics and accident reports as simply statistics, but every safety issue has a personal story behind it.”

The study had a few surprising results, including the prevalence of OSHA fines. 82% of companies in the survey have been fined by OSHA at least once for safety violations.

“Hopefully, our survey and study will spread the word about the positive benefits of a solid safety program and forklift driver training and certification,” said Mr. Wilkerson.

To learn more about CertifyMe.net, please visit their main website. Their safety consultants can be reached by phone at 1-888-699-4800. View the full CertifyMe.net study on their website to learn more about the importance of OSHA compliance and training certification programs.

About CertifyMe.net:
CertifyMe.net is an online training platform that provides training compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for aerial lift, scissor lift and aerial work platform (AWP) operators. All CertifyMe.net instruction modules are available for completion from any device that can connect to the internet and do not require any in-person training or purchase of additional study materials. CertifyMe.net is a preferred training supplier for many small, medium-sized and large businesses throughout the United States because of its quality training, schedule-friendly coursework and affordable rates. CertifyMe.net has helped more than 20,000 companies obtain OSHA-compliant certifications without the hassle of scheduling time off. For more information about CetifyMe.net visit the website or call 888-699-4800.
Tom Wilkerson